Is there any assurance of this soul?
Today you are, tomorrow gone and cold..

What is an existence today and not far,
Will become ‘was’ in the eleventh hour..

Cause HE could arrive in a flash..
To take you from this earth..
And carry you with HIM..
To HIS holy hearth!

You may not be so privileged..
To bid farewell to your beloved..

So waste not the time you have in hand,
The next moment you may be in a faraway land!

Do the deeds that you always wanted to,
Tell your kin you love them and will forever do..

Water the plants in your garden so they bloom..
Throw your shoes, and dance to your favourite tune!

Sip hot tea and read the book on your list..
Look out of the window, don’t miss the mist!

Wear the new dress you fell for and found hot..
Listen to the lovely music you just bought..

Laugh as you would at your birthday party..
Go play in the rains and make yourself dirty!

Make sure you live life to the fullest without fail..
Cause today you are, tomorrow you may be just a tale!

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