As I got off the craft today, I walked towards the conveyor belt to pick up my luggage! Having traveled by Jet, I looked up the incoming Jet ‘Delhi’ flight and stood there for a couple of minutes! I was deeply engrossed in my thoughts, wasn’t too well the whole day and was thinking how soon I would get home and have my medicines, since I had forgotten to carry them. The priority checked in bags were arriving. However, I found something amiss, very few people were at that belt, and I didn’t seem to recognise a single face. One typically remembers people who are around you in the flight! So, I decided to look at my boarding pass to see the flight number!

“Oho, different flight number Ms. Chaurasia…no wonder”, I told myself and moved to the correct belt…thinking two flights from Delhi must have landed simultaneously! Koi nahin, sanu ki….as long as I didn’t waste too much time and got to the correct belt immediately.

Since the luggage was tagged priority, it came in a jiffy! I picked my bag, called my brother to tell him I’ll be out in a minute (I knew he had already reached to pick me up). Met him, hugged him and we set out to go home!

My brother and I had a few small conversations and then I was engrossed in my thoughts again. Something kept playing on my mind…”kuch to gadbad hai”, I told myself again. And lo!! It was then that realisation dawned…I had landed from Goa, not Delhi!!! Ufffff!!!

Absentminded and how! 🙂


Image Source: Flickr

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