The Parrot on my Window Sill… Reincarnated


It’s been years now, since this little friend of mine started visiting me, each morning and evening. Well well, I am over-exaggerating (if such a term exists)… this parrot visits everyone in my family. But I do have a reason to say that he visits me and I will explain that in some time…

Managed to click a shot at the right moment...
Managed to click a shot at the right moment…

I really wonder if we even remember how many years back, suddenly, one fine day, there were about ten parrots on my verandah. Their favourite place ofcourse being the cable wire that connected my building with the one opposite, in my colony. They were swinging away to glory on that thick cable wire. And lo! within a few minutes there came the entire green fraternity. It seems they called their brethren, telling them that this was a safe haven to ‘hang out’. Man! were they big in size! I don’t remember seeing such big parrots before I set eyes on them.
They surely didnt seem anyone’s pet parrots. They were free birds after all (pun intended). We had no idea where they came from and we still have no clue of their whereabouts; except the fact that they wake us up each morning. They screech and yell as if the sky is falling down. They care two hoots what time of the day it is, all they want it to gather your attention. And why? Food! We learned in school that parrots love chillies. Well, apparently not! It took us a few experiments to realise that in this practical world parrots and chillies don’t go hand in hand. First we were wary, we weren’t sure whether they would come close and pick up the treats. We tried a few things when the chillies didn’t work. Bread, chapati etc. Suddenly my uncle got some groundnuts. And!!! They all literally jumped, flew and reached the parapet on the verandah where he kept the groundnuts. Experiment kamyaab (successful). In the bargain we made best friends for life!

Since that day, there hasn’t been a single day when these guests have not arrived. Now, there is a special tray kept hanging outside the verandah just for them, and a big cannister filled with groundnuts that gets replenished every week. They yell for food in the morning; being early risers they need someone to wake up and get them their daily breakfast. My poor uncle is at their beck and call each morning lest they wake up the entire household. I have always been a late to bed and late to rise kid. So most of the 30 – 40 odd buggers leave before I wake up every day, except this young friend of mine. He keeps swinging on the flower pots which papa has hung all over the verandah. The moment I step out and he notices, he starts whistling for my attention. I am not a great bird lover, but this guy keeps me on my toes. Ofcourse I have been alloted morning chores by my little friend. I am supposed to pick a groundnut and put it in his beak, only then will he eat… else the poor child will starve. And the process ofcourse continues till his hunger is satiated. OMG! I couldn’t believe it the first time it happened. Since I don’t fancy birds, this was the last thing I wanted to do. But to be honest I was pretty excited to feed my friend 🙂 So whilst the other green folks just run away with the slightest bit of noise, this guy is brave and runs away only after the groundnut reaches his beak. It’s a treat to do this. I don’t know what it is with this so called ‘junglee’ parrot… but I love this morning chore.

We used to have a pet parrot when I was in school. He died decades back. My mum says he has come back. He knows it was his family and this was where he lived. I don’t know if my mother’s theory about my little green friend holds good, but it feels good to know that love that is shared at some point in life, comes back to you in some form or the other. Perhaps in a reincarnated avatar of the same being or another. But, beings that you have cared for, watch you and look out for you… and that is the beauty of this life.

Perhaps that’s why I always preach and live by my motto – ‘love life and it will love you back’. 🙂

Image Source: Flickr

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