Gratitude in Giving; and my Mother!


Yesterday I decided to do a hard stop at work and just go home; there were exciting things to do than just be at my desk and behave my workaholic self! I also remembered that my visit to the jeweller aunty was long pending. Afterall, the typical girl that I am, I was itching to lay my hands on the new jewellery I had ordered a month back.

Lucky me, I came home only to see that my mother was already dressed to go out grocery shopping. I coaxed her to send my brother and sis-in-law for the grocery and talked her into coming along with me to fetch my jewellery instead. The one thing that my mother loves is making her first born (read: me) happy and so she never says no!

Mother daughter set out, walking to the mall where my jeweller aunty has her small little amazing store. It’s a 15 minute walk and that usually gives us enough time to have a small ma beti tete-a-tete! We were reminiscing my childhood memories of how mom, my li’l sis and me would go shopping together and have so much of fun. Now that my sister is married, it’s usually mom and I who still have fun 🙂

We entered the mall and passed by the Titan store. My mother is a simpleton, she is one of those women who would rarely spend on herself , and to ask her children for something isn’t part of her value system. But she exclaimed to herself – “I need a gold watch”. I was a little surprised and asked her why she suddenly needed a gold watch of all things. So there came the story….

A week back, we were invited to the house warming ceremony of my uncle – my mom’s younger brother. My pretty mother looked her best in a beautiful traditional katha work saree. When she was getting dressed, her sister in law told her that her silver watch was out of place with all the traditional gold stuff that she was wearing; and actually she nearly made mom feel as if she was missing something in life, though not intentionally ofcourse. But that sure made my mother think, and say it aloud when we passed the Titan store.

Hmm, makes perfect sense I thought and I told her she needn’t worry because I had a beautiful gold watch, just the type she likes and I would it give it to her, as I no longer needed it. I am through wearing delicate watches with dainty bracelets now, because I love the big ones now! Trendy girl you see 😉 We happily entered aunty’s store and completed our chores; walked back home chatting, gossiping and laughing like always.

Today when I got back home and finished my long conversations over the phone, I remembered yesterday’s conversation about the watch. I immediately rumbled through my jewellery drawer and found the beautiful gold watch which used to be my favourite once upon a time. Ma was in the kitchen cooking dinner and I held her from behind and said… “dhan ta dhan, ye rahi tumhari gold watch mommy”. She smiled and said, “arre wah, ye to bahut badhiya hai, lekin it won’t fit me na. Tumhari wrist kitni choti hai Archu”.

But, well…it did. I put it around her wrist and it fitted her perfectly well (to my good fortune ofcourse, and I also found the extra links later, should she ever need to use them). The joy on her face was incredible and her smile priceless. She exclaimed, “and this has a mother of pearl dial and a diamond in it, wow!”

We gave each other a high five and hugged dearly and mom planted a big kiss on my cheek, saying…”now i’ll wear it with my gold kadas…it’s perfect”.

What an amazing moment it was! People say that there is immense joy in giving and; rightly so. But today I felt a sense of gratitude in giving. Not that it was such a big deal, it was just a watch that I wore once and now my mother will… but it made me feel on top of the world. It wasn’t even as though this was the first time I gave my mother something, I love getting her surprise gifts. However, today…it was different! A different feeling, a different high, a different emotion!

I experienced the joy of ‘gratitude’ in giving, all thanks to my beautiful and lovely mother…who has withstood all challenges, supported me like a rock and walked every path with me…to mould me into the woman I am today.

Thank you mom and I love you.

P.S. – Enjoy your mother’s love as long as you can 🙂


Image Source: Flickr

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