Delhi Elections Special: A ‘Jugaad’ Revolution!


Congratulations to AAP. Many people are jubilant and many are sad. Last few elections have been unprecedented. Massive voter turn-out, huge media coverage, 24×7 ground reports, barrage of celebrity psephologist’s gyaan and finally the exit polls. The way BJP swept the LS polls and the way AAP swept Delhi elections, it indicates much more than just about winning and loosing elections. It indicates something brewing, simmering in the underbelly of India.

I want to juxtapose another news that might not be as important to many media houses to put on to the frontpages given the fenzy and the TRP’s involved. After all they too have a bottom to watch. The news is of 40 students dropping out of NDA, Khadakwasla from the 127th course. The reason cited has been the inability of students to cope up with the rigour of the training particularly the physical endurance, the strict discipline and unearthly schedules. Of course there might be some administrative lapses or training methods which might still be archaic but this number has been the highest in the history of the academy.

Both news might not be directly related but I sense something which I articulate here. BJP and AAP won elections on supremely high hopes. Its true that the politicians, since independence, have been taking the masses for granted. Indifferent to the basic needs of people viz, the roti, kapda, makan & ilaaz (food, clothing,shelter & and treatment), the politicos not only indulged in corruption and crime but also justified it with brazen arrogance. Decades and centuries old misery made the masses resigned and cynical to the fate of the country and of their own. But this is 21st century. Technology, in addition to CIAs,FBIs, Mosaads,KGB’s et al, is playing a big role in altering the course of history. We saw that in Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, and to some extent in US with “Occupy Wall Street”. And when the angry, oppressed, resigned and cynical masses saw a ray of hope, they just demolished the whole tunnel to see the light. The anti-corruption movement, subsequent election forays, winning, relinquishing, decimating and now sweeping Delhi. Similarly, in 2011, congress was looking invincible, there were green shoots of Modi in 2012, in 2013, hisses became chorus and 2014, it was Modi wave that swept all away.

So, when given a choice, people just stomp over betrayal. That’s what democracy is supposed to do. Give ballot power to people. But, acknowledging all that one can deduce from these watershed events, I want to look at a bit more deeper and subtle and explore if we are getting impatient and anxious. We want great results. We want things for free. We want it all easily. In a way, the fire to reach the moon is good to get going but the impatience to look beyond what is visible, unwillingness to hear the unsaid, resistance to work on the foundation is perhaps what is constituting the mass of India. Perhaps, that is why, parents line up at coaching classes so that their kids score well, get selected to IIT or IIM, do engineering or MBA and start minting money to make life beautiful. A vast majority of us are neither interested in engineering, nor science nor Management or for that matter any other subject. All we want to study is that which can give us quick, secured and high paying job.

And we will choose only that government that gives the life we dream of. Just as we are not interested in learning any subject, we are not even interested in any ideology. We are not willing to study ourselves. Rather when asked to understand and preserve the diminishing culture, we confront its very existence looking it as no further than moral policing. We are not willing to develop our thought process so that we can subscribe to an ideology. How else otherwise one try to logically understand the clean sweep of all 7 seats that BJP got just a few months back and now the massive shift of same people to AAP. Deliverables have to be delivered and the promises have to be honoured. But what about the idea of a country or a civilization, the fulcrum on which political ideologies hinge upon ? Now, It is easy to switch sides. It is ok to switch loyalties. It is normal to toggle allegiances. Earlier politicians did it. Now people are doing it. I don’t know if it is good or bad neither I know what this will lead us to. But I am definitely concerned. How do you defend the country when a young boy is not passionate enough for the armed forces to be willing to endure physical hardships and get battle ready. How do you build the foundation of national consciousness when there is no adherence to ideology. All that we all might be just looking at is a short term gain.

I am reminded of a story someone forwarded on whatsapp. Someone asked an old couple on their secret of such a prolonged successful marriage. They replied, “in our times, when things didn’t work, we will take efforts to fix them up. Not throw them.” Today, we throw our clothes, mobiles, careers, spouses and Govt. Perhaps country someday ?

Image Source: Flickr

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