To be or Not to be!


To Be or Not to Be! The famous Question in Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 1, written by Shakespeare! It perhaps comes from the state of mind to end the suffering of the now. The mind-boggling question which questions one’s existence!

Does Suicide really end the issues? Or does it add issues for the ones left to mourn?

Plethora of questions ran my mind when I thought about it, until a recent WHO’s [World Health Organisation] report shocked me! India has the World’s highest Suicide rate among 15 to 29 year olds-over 1 Lakh every year!!! According to last Government Statistics, average male to female suicide ratio is 2:1.

It is the most devastating state of mind!! It simply kills all the confidence one ever had. Imagine a state of mind where you question your own existence. But why? More than many reasons to cite. Unemployment, Relationship, Hopelessness, and Financial Crisis tops the charts as the cause. In short, Emotional trauma!

Can these reasons never be dealt with? Are these circumstantial situations important than life itself?

Is the journey of a student to employment so gripping that after exhausting all options, SUICIDE is the only option? Is it an EASY ESCAPE over facing challenges life throws at you?

For e.g a journey of a prospect employee begins from job search – establish key network with industry personnel, apply for relevant jobs and followed up with interview in a few. The anxiety rises while awaiting results!! Mind throws all possible negatives – do I deserve to get that job? What if I don’t get that job? X company ain’t a great pay master! A few of these interviews could be a straight no due to language barriers, zilch experience and the list can go on! Months slip by and the state of joblessness leads to fear of being unemployed forever, peer pressure, family pressure catches on. The wiser ones would accept the situation and take any job to begin somewhere. But the ones who do not accept any situation in life, cite small opportunities as undeserving ones!
Does Suicide really end the issues? Or does it add issues for the ones left to mourn? Click To Tweet And very gradually slip into depressing state of mind! How?

Simple, Our thoughts! Negative thoughts lead us to believe the reality which perhaps doesn’t exist! Lack of confidence, low self-esteem and any thought which doesn’t uplift us begins to grow in our mind. We often lose the control of thoughts. I have grown up on this anecdote often repeated by my Father: ‘As you sow, shall you reap! Can you ever grow a sunflower by sowing tomato seeds? No, right?

Plant the seeds of Faith and Belief in yourself once again. Problem always come with its own solution. It needs us to look for it. Before being in a nerve wrecking situation, you would have certainly been at your best at some point of time in life. Right? Pull that up in your mind! Surround yourself with people who can lift your spirits and give you a patient ear. Don’t look for sympathies. Look for solutions instead! Immerse yourself on single mission to deal the times of turbulence with maturity.

Nothing is permanent and nothing is forever. If you just look around your surroundings, you can learn this from Nature itself. Every day ends with a sunset and another day begins with a bright Sunshine. A bad phase, is just a Phase! It just needs to be dealt with grace and care.

Whether you are dealing with a relationship which keeps you on the edge, or you are down and under debts from your borrowings and still trying to make ends meet or struggling with stressful job, SUICIDE is NOT A SOLUTION ! It can never be.

If you want to commit suicide, at once commit suicide of the ‘thought’ itself. Suicide the thought of helplessness and hopelessness. Suicide the thought of your inability to deal with your times of turbulence.

Accept the situation and face your problem rather than choosing to escape from it.

Yes, it is possible to make way to a beautiful life once again. Stop looking for sympathies and surround yourself in positive environment. Connect with those who have been with you through your best and worst times. Have patience. Accept your situation and decide to bring a healthy change. Believe in yourself more than anyone else. Believe that you have the power to turn around the turbulent times. YOU can, only if you chooses to. No counsellor, no mentor can change your state until you are willing to!

Life is a book in itself. Every page will carve it’s own story. Turn your life around in a manner that you leave an inspiring one for the ones who ever thought of walking in your shoes. Seek only solutions, and solutions will come seeking you. Practice Yoga every day. Pranayama balances your breathing and calms you. Meditate. It connects you with your source and it will never guide you to a wrong path.

Surround yourself with inspiring stories of people who have learnt in their tough times and embrace the good times. As Robert Schuller said ‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do.’

You can also do this simple exercise which has helped me and many – Take a Paper and Pen. [Resist reaching your cell phone notes] First, list down top 30 problems first in Column 1 in one sitting. Don’t dwell on it for 2 days. Finish it in one hour! After that, begin listing possible solutions to each of those 30 problems. Review it and you will amazed at the results. Most of the problems will look petty and many would even disappear when you read it again.

Positive attitude towards life’s tough times will lead you an enriching quality of life. Our thoughts are like magnet, it manifests everything you think of. Negative or Positive, Choice is really yours!

Remember Suicide will only turn your physical body into ashes. But your Soul would have left its unaccomplished learning. Instead, look into your problems, Face it, Resolve it, Learn the lesson and Accept the outcome.

Trust you will share this with those people who resonate with any of the above reasons and bring about the shift in their thoughts! Choose to be and shrug the thought of not to be!!
I am keen to bring about this Change, hope you will join me by sharing this post.

In Gratitude, Smietaa.

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