Doczilla – One who flew from flu…


Quack Quack, I know ducks sound like that! No wait! How about humans? Erm, not talking about us lesser mortals but the so called “Noble Professionals”, by now most of us have guessed the big “D” also known as Doctors.

Common Cold, Flu are just a few names of lesser known illnesses which I’m sure most of us have come down with at least once in a lifetime. I am no exception to the seasonal flu or at least that’s what I thought, not too long ago.

It all started with a sniff and a few sneezes one cold early morning, a few more and some more, somewhere during the day I lost count. Warm water with lime and honey in order! The honey in question…came from a honey comb which our gardener got from the Mango tree growing in the building back yard, Mango honey, if I may say so. A few relentless attempts later to find a cure in my kitchen cabinet, I decide to visit my trusted Physician. To my horror she was away holidaying in the U.S and was to return in a few days. Must doctors be away when patients need them the most? A friendly neighbour suggested I go to the nearby hospital. Not aware of another physician in the neighbourhood I quickly scurry to the hospital. A consulting G.P. examines me in precisely 30 seconds and diagnoses me with a throat infection. Armed with the prescription I make a trip to the nearest pharmacy and return home with a bunch of Antibiotics. Happy that I will bounce back to good health in 3 days!! Well , hardly, 4 days down and I am still bad.

A mother of two and hardly any time to rest, runny nose and swollen eyes, definitely not looking my best I head to my trusted baniya to buy a few essentials. Who do I bump into? A beaming and freshly returned from the U.S., my Physician! I was over the moon, my happiness knew no bounds, I had a star struck moment. I see a glimmer of hope and rush to see her at her clinic. She recommends I continue with the antibiotics for 7 more days. Did I mention that in the bargain to get my throat sorted I screwed my stomach, yes, that’s what antibiotics do! Never really understood how a medicine that’s supposed to cure one organ ruins another….beats me!!! Rats….poor rats and monkeys.

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7 days later and I’m worse than ever. What with all the Swine Flu deaths and I begin to get the heebie jeebies. A few frantic calls to my doctor I’m advised to visit a government hospital for a throat swab. Off I go husband in tow to visit the horror house aka a government hospital! Although I didn’t have the symptoms of Swine flu, an overzealous intern recommends I start with Fluvir, just in case. Poor me miserable, down with flu, a few skipped heart beats and a brain that’s about to explode rush out of the hospital with a bag full of pills. 5,4,3,2,1 am still alive, certainly not kicking :).

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. My buddy (happens to be a doctor) coaxes me to see a physician she knows (by now I have become docphobic). Off I go to give myself one last chance. After careful observation he says the culprit is none other than the beautiful mango blossoms, which I eagerly await to turn into luscious fruit, and the Puneri weather I love so much (so much that I don’t love my beloved Bombay as much) After diagnosing me with seasonal asthma, he prescribes medication guaranteed to rid me of my agony.

Having lived in Oxford of the East aka Pensioners Paradise, our very own Poona city for the last 10 years, little did I realise that the lovely weather it’s known for would play truant. It also didn’t occur to me that the two magnificent mango trees peeking into my living room, the very trees whose Mango Panna I’ve relished and entertained many a happy friends and visitors with would extract sweet revenge and knock my socks off…..

But here I am alive and kicking, and like all our Bollywood movies penning my experience with a Happy ending….and just when I was about to say quack quack there comes a saviour and keeps my faith alive!


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