Remove the Cap!


I reach home after a long day at work with my son yelling at the top of his voice, “I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I’m hungry.”

I quickly put my laptop in its place, throw my handbag on the couch and get my boy all cleaned up. While he gets busy with his toy cars, I head to the kitchen and start looking around like an ostrich, for I have to fix a meal that will score well against my son’s very stiff culinary yardstick.

I see things strewn in my refrigerator with no method at all. I feel lucky to find some cottage cheese and a solitary capsicum looking at me condescendingly. I pick it in two minds and then roll it back in the fridge. I mean what would I do with just one capsicum. I gather a few condiments such as dried ginger, cinnamon powder, cloves and fennel seeds. I instantly throw them in a pan with some piping hot oil; the crackle I tell you is therapeutic. I hurriedly grate the cottage cheese into the pan, add a dash of salt, red paprika, some turmeric and a blob of butter; the mix now looks all too inviting – the heavenly aroma of butter and cottage cheese together tingled my son’s nasal sensors. He yells, “it better be something new Mamma!”

I turn to my refrigerator quite robotically and scurry around before I pull out the lonely capsicum. Sweet Jesus! Can I take the risk? And my inner Goddess yells… “Yessssss!” So I remove the cap of the capsicum and stuff it with the sensational cottage cheese stuffing and grill this beauty. The result is a fantastic char-grilled Green Bell Pepper (mind you it’s no ordinary capsicum anymore); and before you forget, it’s a goldmine in there. My son relished this beauty with a plain wheat roti because it looked good, tasted good and was different.

Last night, just before I slept, I reflected a bit on this seemingly simple cooking escapade as having such a strong resemblance to what we see, perhaps every day at our workplace. An Individual Contributor is much like that solitary capsicum, but without them there can never be a WOW factor and needless to say no phenomenal output; nothing away from the ordinary. All one needs to do is to remove that cap and add elements like all the ingredients in the cottage cheese and then carefully bind them with trust and believe that this is the best combination to get good food on the plate, given the lack of resources. (Read – to get the job done). Never underestimate the power of Individual Contributor’s! They are that needle in the haystack that your organization may be looking for or shall I say looking past.

Stop. Look. Recognize. Feel. Think & Put your Act together!

Image Source: Flickr

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