He loves me, he loves me not; he loves me, he loves her a LOT!!!!


Sound – travels faster than light, sound could be music to the ears and could transform our senses. And the not very nice kind creates pollution… A few known facts about sound.

No too long ago a piece of machinery was introduced in India and it completely debunked most myths associated with sound. The streets of India were about to get a makeover, it would also change the fortunes of many motor cycle manufacturers! The revolution began in Delhi, Bombay and not the one to be left behind – our very own Poona. Two Rivers is what Harley Davidson decides to call it! Nice name.


My better half never looked so excited… So excited, that he made a few trips to the would be showroom in Poona. Just to look (is what he kept saying) at it. This despite visiting the 7 Islands in Bombay a gazillion times.  My love struck better half ate, drank and slept the Harley. Apparently this particular brand caters to 40 something year olds, they believe that by then, men are done racing and want to cruise….even calling the bike owners HOGS (Harley Owners Group). Co-incidentally my husband recently turned 40, yes over the hill and on a roll. Our dinner time conversations turned to how after working hard a man deserves to have something that de-stresses him… and silly me, I thought a cold beer did that. The happiest was my 13 yr old, daddy’s focus had just shifted away from lecturing her about studies, pep talks and future plans.

Being the marketing guy that he is, he used it to his advantage and convinced me with his killer dimpled smile. A two wheeler could be used to do daily chores like getting vegetables and running errands is what he said. I agreed, on one condition, that he would not go on long rides like most Harley riders.

My husband on his Harley!
My husband on his Harley!

Soon enough it was time for Diwali, the festival of lights and noisy crackers. No better and auspicious time for Indian families to indulge in Automobile shopping.  Wanting to justify the occasion my husband makes his valuable purchase, a gleaming Harley Davidson Iron!!! I must say I was impressed, she is rather good looking and sounds great too or shall we say roared… but only after spending some extra bucks on “the Screaming Eagles.” He said it was worth every penny…hmmm, “If you say so sweetheart, whatever makes you happy!” I say smiling (a diamond worth the same amount would have been so much better, a redundant thought that ran across my mind). Wait! It doesn’t stop there, he will continue accessorizing her every now and then, because there’s tons of stuff he needs to buy for his newest obsession (which I think should have been there by default). My little girls were very excited; in fact my older one – a teenager, wanted daddy to start dropping her off to school every day, which is barely 100 meters away from home.

Very soon there were plans made with friends, which included long rides (whatever happened to the chores that it was essentially brought for). On one such cold winter morning he takes the bike to Sinhagad for a ride, parks her and goes to enjoy a cup of tea. To his horror someone makes a scratch on the fuel tank. I’ve never seen him sulk so much, not even when I was bitten by a stray mutt and mind you I have a big scar on my knee as a result, grrrrr. So every Sunday he’s up at the crack of dawn ready for a spin with the boys…. and no, he doesn’t need an alarm clock to wake up, and the Time Management skills are right up THERE!!

He bathes her with love, calls her Bonnie, my Hubby's sweetie is now home.. his #HarleyDavidson! Click To Tweet

On the streets she does attract a considerable amount of attraction, and amusing questions like “Kuthun modify keli (Where did you modify it from)?” to which pat came the reply “Manjunath mechanic!” LOL! Another one was ”Kiti dete?” (average per KM), Now, don’t even get me started on the reaction we got once he answered that one. A dear friend of mine very innocently made a suggestion, “you could have got another car for yourself and hired a driver instead” (and no I don’t drive, hence the suggestion).

And it doesn’t stop there, every fortnight he personally bathes her with a special Harley soap and special wax to make her shine, for a good two hours. So a weekend with the family has turned to a weekend with his sweetie…. that’s what he calls her. “My Bonnie” another name which a friend of his calls his bike!!! The list goes on… As they say “Boys and their Toys”. And as for me..well, it’s easier to compete with a rival of my species, what are my chances with a mean machine? Vrooooooommmmmmm……

Featured Image Source: Flickr

Harley Davidson Image Source: Flickr

Husband on Bike Image copyright: (c) Sharda Kore




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