The Sky Is The Limit


The glamour, pace, lifestyle; and the hustle and bustle of a big city are literally like magnets which draw one towards them. Such is the magnetism, that it almost becomes irresistible; a bait that entices you in a way that you are ready to drop everything and run to that city. A big city makes many tall promises to thousands of people, gives them a lot of hope of better living and a bright future. And what if that city happens to be the epitome of starlets and houses Bollywood?! There is surely no looking back then, especially if you land up with a ‘good’ job in Mumbai. Well, ‘good’ is a relative term, but would you be able to hold your horses then?

Each year, thousands of people move from all across the country to the city of dreams, the financial capital of India – Mumbai; in search of a new life with hopes in their hearts and dreams in their eyes. One such person was my friend Balwinder aka Ballu. Ballu came from a humble background in Chandigarh. His parents were simple folks who worked hard to bring up their only child in the best possible way, with their limited resources. Now Ballu was determined to ensure that their retired life was smooth and happy. He wanted to do everything he could do for them. After his MBA from Panjab University, Ballu landed with a campus placement that took him to Mumbai. He knew no one there but that did not deter him from following his dreams. He moved to Mumbai. His company – Asha Fans, helped him to find a paying guest accommodation. He couldn’t afford anything more than that. Being the only child he was used to cooking and doing other chores around the house, so he did not face any issues, despite being alone. He managed his life decently, though he had to struggle tremendously. In a few months, he started saving and could send money for his retired parents back home. All was going smoothly, but Ballu wasn’t satisfied. This wasn’t the life he had envisaged for himself and there was so much more yet to be achieved. He had big dreams and the city of dreams was going to help him achieve it all!

After a few months, he met a girl in his office – his colleague Sheela. She was an intern who had also just completed her MBA from Jaipur and had landed with a job in the same office. Sheela came from an affluent background, but she wanted to prove herself to her family. She was strong willed and had resolved to make it big in Mumbai. This was precisely what impressed Ballu and he fell in love with her. Actually for them, it was almost love at first sight. That she was beautiful and her smile bewitching made him go head over heels about her. But Ballu knew he had many miles to go before he could even think of his own life, and love right now was out of question. Sheela, the compassionate and benign person that she was, held his hand and assured him that she would stand by him through thick and thin, would support him to accomplish every single dream and was ready to live under whatever circumstances they could afford.

Much to the disgust of Sheela’s parents, the two finally got married after a courtship of six months. They found a small one room accommodation on the terrace of a building. This wasn’t exactly the kind of place a newly-wed couple would have liked, but they braved it thinking ‘that too would pass.’ They worked very hard. This kind of life was new for Sheela. She was brought up like a princess and never needed to do any chores around the house. But the love for her hard-working, optimistic, enthusiastic and ambitious husband made her support him in every way. She loved his zest for life! She also learnt to cook and both, Ballu and Sheela managed all the household chores together. It was monsoon time soon and the house was unfit to handle the Mumbai monsoons. Whenever it rained heavily there were floods in their house 🙁 Mumbai was very fascinating, but the two hour daily commute especially in the rains, was killing. They really had to rough it out, but they faced every situation with a smile. They both were optimists who believed in the power of hard work. Their ‘never say die’ attitude and motto of life – ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ helped them get past every situation. After a year, they moved from a one room house to a one bedroom apartment, since salaries had risen and a small apartment was now affordable. That was a big leap for them.

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One day Sheela saw an advertisement of a new housing complex in the newspaper. She found the link in the advertisement and gathered all the details from there. When she shared the news with Ballu, he was ecstatic, thinking that their dream of buying their own house would finally come true. It seemed like reality wasn’t too far and one of his many dreams would now be achieved. Though it was still a difficult situation, they did not budge and made sure that things worked. Sheela also had to give up some bit of her jewelery for the down payment of the house. But their sight was set on bigger goals and this was just a very small sacrifice. Optimists that they were, they knew it was just a matter of time when things would become better. They bought the house and soon shifted into it too. Ballu’s parents could also now visit them whenever they liked, as the new house was a two bedroom apartment.

Ballu and Sheela worked hard together and soon they ticked off every item on their long list of ‘must-haves’. Afterall, both were very ambitious and had come to Mumbai to realise their dreams and turn each one into a concrete reality. Today, Ballu is the Senior Vice President of a major Life Insurance Company and Sheela runs her own business; that gives her enough time to balance her life between the house, their twin sons and her work. Ballu and Sheela both make an admirable couple who proved their mettle with their sheer hardwork, determination, positivity, optimism and love for each other. Kudos to their partnership that helped them achieve everything beyond wildest dreams! It is true that the sky is the limit for people who go to great lengths to accomplish everything that they set their hearts on!

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