An Ode to You


Tomorrow, if I were to leave
For places unknown
And return years later
I wonder what you would do

Would you still sip ginger tea
At least occasionally, out of my mug
Instead of the green tea
From your favourite tumbler

Would you still say
Yay! The weekend starts tomorrow
Saturdays are for work around the house
You know how much I hate going out on Sundays
They are only for you and me
To be at home
And cook together

Would you still say
Let’s have lunch at a fancy restaurant
On Wednesday
But before that
We need to go to Saks on Tuesday
I need to buy you a dress
For our lunch date

Would you still say
Please call me when you get late
I get worried when
You are out and about
On your fancy shopping trips
You lose track
Of time

And would you say
You ask too many questions
When there is no need
There are some parts of us
Which we will never know
Some things should remain implicit
Between a man and wife… forever

And I really wonder
If you would still do
All those sweet things
Which make you
And say all the cherished things
Which make me love you…

Image Source: Flickr

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