My Smartphone Saga: Old and New Love-mates


nokiaTalking of smartphones… I love my Blackberry! Well, can there be anything smarter than the Blackberry, especially the Z and Q series phones. The day I started using a Blackberry, my world changed completely. Initially, I was very hesitant. I was more than happy with the smartphones of the yesteryears. My favourite being the first Nokia camera phone launched in India – The Nokia 7650! Very expensive for those times; I still remember having paid for it through my nose… all of INR 36,000 from my hard earned salary in 2003. My parents didn’t exactly approve of such an extravagant spend, but boy, was I happy! A big colour screen camera phone and so many exciting features, that my world spun around it. The Nokia 7650 was notable for a number of firsts: first Nokia smartphone with the Symbian OS, first Series 60 platform device and the first Nokia with built-in camera. What more, the handset’s release was promoted in conjunction with the film Minority Report of the Tom Cruise fame. Imagine how cool it was to upstage Tom Cruise and get us wondering: “Cool, what if my phone could do that?” 🙂

Post the Nokia 7650 love affair; I had many more love affairs with similar upmarket love-mates; since most of them wouldn’t last more than a year. Actually, it worked both ways, either the mate gave up on me or I got bored with so much love being tossed around  that we would mutually decide to call it quits and move on. Being a Gemini with a firm belief in the phrase – ‘variety is the spice of life’, I moved on easily from one phone to the other. So many cool cats came and went, making me smarter in the process. I realised I was becoming increasingly tech savvy and normal phones wouldn’t satiate my hunger for smarter smartphones. Finally, there came a time when the normal smartphones did nothing much for me, and that’s when a friend suggested I should join the Blackberry brigade.

Blackberry Q5
Blackberry Q5

It took some serious thinking and making up of my mind to move to the Blackberry. I desperately needed a cell phone with the email feature and the Blackberry seemed like the best option. Gradually, I got used to it wonderfully, and then the never-ending love affair started such that it hasn’t ended yet. My smartphone truly made me smarter, more efficient and much more organised than before. The limited but amazing features made it a pleasure to use and love. I never really used my cell phone for too many tasks other than calling, texting, emails, organisers, reminders and pictures of course, so I was more than happy with whatever features it had. What really deserves a mention is the Blackberry Messaging (BBM) system that made some friendships even better, due to the constant individual and group chats. Life had just moved on to the fun lane with BBM. But the real game changer was when I started using the Q5. It was decently priced as well as has all the bells and whistles that the erstwhile Bolds, Torches and Storms did not have. The Q5 made life very simple and as I stated earlier, made me much smarter with the added interesting features, that I put to use fully.

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There was a time when all my siblings were on the Blackberry, but slowly and steadily they all moved on to Android based phones. Though variety is the spice of life, there are times I like to be committed to precious mates, and that’s why my love for the Blackberry ain’t over yet. All my siblings, with my husband in tow call me a fossil and my poor Blackberry passé. My little nieces who have been teaching me many new tricks on my own Blackberry, Ipad and other gadgets, have also been passing snide remarks like, “oh maasi, your cell phone doesn’t even have this and that, tsk tsk.” They have all been badgering me to get myself a new Android based phone, also threatening to throw away my poor little efficient Blackberry. “It’s difficult for me to immediately discard the Blackberry and move on to another phone”, is something I always told myself, until I noticed the new Moto E. Wow! What a brilliant piece! Lovely features and colourful to the core, and a fantastic pricepoint! I have finally decided to move on and three of them. One for me and two for my nieces in the hope that they will learn faster and make me smarter than my smartphone!

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