The Courage to Raise a Son Like a Daughter


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Mom always believed in gender equality and held no differences between a boy and a girl. She ensured her belief translated not just in words but also in action in various spheres – education, behaviour, ways of thinking and completing chores in the house.  Oh yes! She never made her daughters run around completing chores at home, while her sons had a free run. All the house work was divided always. Infact mom never pressurised anyone in anyway, be it my sister, two of my brothers or I. She had a wonderful way of laying out the chores to be completed and we were free to choose whatever work interested us, be it making tea, ironing clothes, dusting, sweeping and swabbing the floor, or washing clothes as well. She taught us the importance and the need to #ShareTheLoad always and never to be a burden on one single person – man or woman.

Kudos to mom in the way she shaped our thinking. She did not make my brothers do the work to neglect or suppress them. But by placing her daughters and sons on an equal level, she showed us the value of every human being irrespective of gender. That also taught us to respect each other’s strengths, capabilities and contributions towards the family. No work is menial and not meant for a particular gender and; with time and education old conservative customs and habits gave way to new ways of thinking. Thankfully in our house we were never compelled to conform to gender-based traditional roles, especially with respect to house work. So when I read about the Blogadda #WashBucketChallenge, I was ecstatic. In a household where helping the woman and taking ownership of all the chores came naturally to men, this was going to be super fun!


I called my brother Monty (elder of the two) and told him we had to go through this challenge. He was happy to oblige and though he is a coy person, he was ready to be clicked with the Ariel Matic pack and the washing machine. What’s more interesting is that he insisted on me writing ‘his’ washing tips in the blogpost as well. So here we go in Monty’s words:

monty“Washing clothes will not only helps them look and feel great, but also helps them last longer and be your companion for years. Here are some of my tips:

  1. Look at the washing tag for the washing instructions before throwing them in the bucket. Only those that need to be hand washed should be taken and others need to be put aside.
  2. Sort your clothes into piles for effective washing basis the colour and fabric type. Whites and coloured clothes need to be washed separately, denims and towels to be washed on a heavier cycle and delicate clothes such as wool and silk to be washed separately.
  3. Be careful while washing non-colourfast clothes to avoid the colour bleeding onto your other garments. It will help if you read the tag for specific washing instructions. These should be washed separately in cold water.
  4. Whites need to be washed separately in hot water, to minimise the risk of them turning dingy and grey. To get them whiter try half a cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda instead of using bleach. If you live in an area where the water is hard then you may need to use a little more detergent than usual to keep your whites really white.
  5. Dark clothes, especially blacks, can easily fade and lose colour if they are not washed correctly. So, to reduce the chance of dulling, turn garments inside out to help reduce friction on the fabric. Hang the garments up to dry naturally, as tumble drying can weaken the fabric and cause it to fade
  6. It’s important to remove stains from clothes because no one likes to wish their favourite pair of jeans goodbye just because of a pesky ketchup stain! The best thing to do is to act fast, as the longer you leave a stain the harder it is to remove. Invest in a good stain remover. When using tougher stain removers, try them out first on an unexposed part of the garment to check that the colour doesn’t run.
  7. If you hang clothes up outside to dry, turn them inside out because bright sunlight can cause colours to fade.
  8. The most important thing while washing your clothes is to treat them TLC – with tender loving care, because clothes maketh the man, ain’t it?”

arielThe washing experience with Ariel Matic was phenomenal. We washed a couple of white shirts that had stains that looked really tough; but it was a breeze removing those stains thanks to Ariel. It is a power packed detergent that is tougher than the toughest stains and was easy to use with our top-loading washing machine.

On that happy note I would like to express my gratitude to my mother for teaching us the values of gender equality and for being courageous to raise a son like a daughter; and to my brother for being a total sport and rising up to the challenge.


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