Yin and Yang: The Role of H2O on Earth


wowbadge“On your marks, get set, go!” said the PT teacher to flag off the 100 metres race. At the whistle, I ran for my life as if there was no tomorrow. I don’t remember having run so fast ever and the pressure of maintaining the ‘title’ was surmounting. I had won the 100 metres race for the last two years and couldn’t afford to lose now. Everyone was expecting a hat trick and I was in class 10, so no more chances; this being my last year in school. Dad was also here today, despite his busy schedule; and I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the finish line, in the scorching heat at the University Stadium in Mumbai. Amidst the thunderous claps of the students, teachers and parents, when I saw the finish line approach, I turned behind only to be elated that I had atleast a 10 second lead from the gang. Suddenly my tummy had cramps and I touched the red ribbon just in time before falling down. My class teacher ran towards me, petrified; but with a glint of pride in her eyes she sat next to me and gave me a big hug. While sweat beads adorned my face and I felt as if I was dying, the only word I could utter was, “water.”235x96_top-indivine-post

H2O! Water is at the very heart of life creation. Sitting by the rocks on Marine Drive at the edge of the Indian Ocean on a fine day, I could feel the energy of the water in my body; it is so closely linked to emotions. As timeless as it is, water is the carrier of life. Something that our forefathers were fascinated by; for water bears in its flow the seeds of future life as well as memories of the past. Unfortunately, we have allowed water to spread ailments and disease, and taken it for granted, that it will come to us at the turn of a tap. We have lost touch with the magic and mystery of water; and now a lot is spoken of its destructive nature. Nature on rampage! Remember the Kedarnath floods in 2013 almost reminding us who the boss is, at a time when humankind created such reckless damage to the planet’s ecosystems and to the natural environment.

Earth, Water and Us

water-earthOur bodies are composed of about 70% water, a similar percentage to that of the ocean surface compared to land. Earth is known as the planet of water. But for water, life would certainly not be possible. It drives everything, from the most delicate metabolic processes in our bodies, to creating environments favourable to life, to weather patterns and changes in the climate. The poet, philosopher and scientist, Goethe referred to water as ‘the ground of all being’ and explained that all life is one, closely interconnected and interrelated; with water as the very symbol of holism given its role in the nourishment of life.  The Austrian ‘Water Wizard’, Viktor Schauberger, held a similar view, saying that water is the product of the subtle energies that brought the Earth into being and is a living substance itself.

Sanctified Knowledge of Water

In the good old days water was regarded as sacred; people treated it with reverence and believed it to be protected by divine beings. There are esoteric uses for water as well. Nostradamus used a bowl of water as a tool for seeing future events. Schauberger had a remarkable experience which also took shape as his ground breaking research, while sitting by a rushing stream. Listening to its vivacious music, he intuited how water needs to move and behave in order to stay healthy. It’s sad to note how our attitude towards water has changed enormously in recent times, declaring human supremacy over Nature. We have forgotten the true nature of water and the meaning of its vital movements. Our textbooks tell us that water is merely an inorganic compound through which various chemical processes take place. Perhaps, one of the reasons why mainstream science knows so little about water is because of its obsession with the physical nature of life. Older cultures did not suffer from this limited worldview and consequently appreciated water’s special qualities better than we do today.

Water as a whole

To understand water and living more in tune with our environment it is imperative to see holistically how all beings – human, animal, microbial, and botanical are united by a common bond of water. We all share a common heritage through the medium of water; that is how we all are One! Water is the epitome of holism. Life cannot exist without it, as it connects all of life. Dynamic water, when it is alive and energised, performs the roles of initiating and operating all the processes of life. It facilitates swift inter-communication between cells and connective tissues, so that the organism can function as a coordinated whole. Living water in fact performs this intercommunication function between all organisms, groups of organisms, populations, natural kingdoms and the world, creating a network of sensitivity throughout all of life; even between life on Earth and the Cosmos, so that nothing can happen without affecting other processes; all are linked together by water. In this way, it drives evolution; and is the stage manager of life.

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The Masculine Feminine Balance (Yin Yang)

The Sun is our main source of energy. It emits a positive, yang (masculine) energy. The Earth balances this with a yin, or feminine (negative) energy. There would be no water, plants, nor chemical compounds without this chemistry. Yin and yang are dynamic. Their energy fluctuates – when one expands, the other diminishes. The concentration of energy is a yin process, while that to move and disperse is yang. Thus, in every man there is feminine energy and in every woman there is masculine energy. These tendencies vary in different situations. It is the same in Nature. Mornings tend to have yang energy and evenings yin. In humans, self-assertion is achieved by displaying yang behaviour; by being demanding, aggressive, competitive and expanding. Integration is furthered by yin behaviour; by being responsive, cooperative, intuitive, and aware of one’s environment. Both yin and yang, integrative and self-assertive tendencies, are necessary for harmonious social and ecological relationships.

All processes depend on an unstable exchange between extremes. As soon as a process becomes stable, it stagnates. It’s the same with water. Moving, circulating water is energised; still water is effectively dead. Water is the ideal medium for processes because it is an unstable and dynamic medium and, without water, nothing can change in the Earth’s environment. The water molecule is made up of two small positively charged hydrogen atoms and one very large negatively charged oxygen atom; the strong bifurcated hydrogen bonds are unsymmetrical, which make water unstable and unpredictable. This instability is the guiding law of the Universe since its inception. Instability and unpredictability are the secret of matter’s very existence, and the impulse for creativity. Since predictability is the recipe for a boring existence, it the restlessness of water that stimulates its pulsation and constant swinging between the yin and the yang. The dance of creation is the harmonious interplay through attraction and repulsion of polarised atoms. The mutual attraction of 2x H and 1x O gives birth to the marvel of water. The catalytic role of dual polarity is initiated by the positive charge of the Sun which mixes with the Earth’s receptive and feminine energy. Together they are essential components for all biological processes.

Normally, we don’t think of water carrying an electric charge, but its bioelectrical sensitivity is one of the most important qualities in its importance for life. The electromagnetic qualities of mineral-rich water allow it to steer processes and evolution by constantly shifting the energy equally between positive and negative charges. Schauberger stated that a natural river flowing lithely across the landscape recharges its energy towards the positive or yang on the right-hand bend and towards the negative or yin on a left-hand bend. This constant accumulation of yin and yang charges raises the energy level of the water so that it can perform its true role in nurturing the landscape. Because the etheric field is universal and water is common in the Universe, associated with life, it seems natural to view them as complementary, working together. In esoteric terms the etheric may be seen as the yang, initiating polarity; while the water medium has the receptive, yin role. The water medium and the quantum field are two complementary aspects in the balanced mediation, sustenance and evolution of life.

So, the next time when you claim the transparent drink to quench your thirst, be grateful for its life saving, nurturing qualities and the balance it maintains on Earth.


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