What Fabric Are You Made Of?


What comes to your mind when you think of Bankers? Tight-lipped serious men with pin-stripe suits!?

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The thought of being so formally dressed used to scare the daylights out of my brother when he landed up with a job in a bank. He was a ‘casual’ dressing guy till the Bank job happened and had no choice then but to wear formal clothes, even on Fridays and Saturdays. He finally heaved a sigh of relief when the bank passed a circular announcing semi-casual Friday dressing, which ofcourse got extended to Saturdays too. That was it! My brother and I went on a shopping spree after that to ensure that his wardrobe was swarming with semi-casual clothes; something that he was yearning for a very long time.
Once we knew that the clothes had to be semi-casual, it was imperative to decide the style and colours that suited his personality. Also, since he was a sales manager and was out of office most of the time, traveling in the Mumbai heat, the right choice of fabric and the quality was also very crucial for his comfort. We did loads of window shopping in the malls first to zero down on the kind of purchases we wanted to make. Finally we decided it was best to go with cotton, not only because it looks rich and elegant, but is most comfortable too, especially during the summers. To my mind intricately knitted cotton and linen are the best fabrics for luxury and comfort wear.

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We went berserk looking at online stores too, and the pricing online made it such a value for money purchase. We were super tempted to do our entire purchase online.  My brother decided on buying pure cotton checkered half-sleeves shirts and semi-formal collar stripe polo t-shirts for Fridays; and comfortable t-shirts for the ultimate casual look on Saturdays. The t-shirts that we bought were attractive and well designed, and suited his persona very well. They could also be teamed up with a cool pair of jeans and sneakers to go completely casual. He also wanted some trendy and fashionable stuff, so we picked up a couple of classic style exquisite polo t-shirts which were perfect for a casual yet extremely trendy look and matched his boyish personality. To complete his smart and chic look, we bought cotton trousers featuring multiple pockets on the front to add a touch of glamour. A pair of boots absolutely enhanced the entire ensemble and made him look really elegant.

My brother was certainly a happy guy after so much deliberation and time spent on bringing together a perfect semi-casual look for his formal office environment. Bankers have a playful life beyond being formal and can be trendsetters too, afterall.

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