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Planning a holiday is never easy. What with three kids in tow and a lovely wife who has issues in anything, and also needs to have a say in everything; Mr. Malhotra never had it easy. It wasn’t difficult to zero in on the place. That was decided. Mumbai it was going to be; because Mrs. Malhotra had decided that it was enough, and she needed to shop till she dropped, that too in a big city. Living in Indore was good, it was a great slow paced life; but shopping for the upcoming wedding season where she had so many parties to attend, needed to be done in a big city. Perhaps Delhi would have been a much better bet, considering the wedding shopping, but how can one forget, Mrs. Malhotra’s in-laws lived there, and hence Mumbai was the best option.

Mr and Mrs. Malhotra went on a planning and booking spree. The easiest being flights and the most difficult one being hotels in Mumbai. Such a big city, so much to do, so many places to visit, especially so many shopping places all around the city, that hotel bookings in Mumbai was turning out to be a nightmare. It had to be a nice comfortable place with lots of room to accommodate the three small kids as well as the heavy duty luggage that would be a part of the entourage. Mrs. Malhotra never believed in traveling light even when the trip was supposed to be more of a shopping trip than a regular holiday. The requirements for the hotel were ever increasing. The toiletries had to be top class, the upholstery and linen fabulous, the in-room services exceptional and the cost as low as possible. Now! That’s quite a list isn’t it?

After frantic calls to various hotels in vain, Mr. Malhotra heard the latest demand from the awesome wife. The place had to be somewhere in Central Mumbai (which also happens to be one of the most expensive places in Mumbai by the way) and not the suburbs, as Mrs. Malhotra had just figured out the best shopping arenas from her kitty party. And as she happily strutted into the house with her little daughter Ayesha, she made the new announcement. Wow!

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Mr. Malhotra decided to give it a rest for the time being and go out for a walk to clear his head and get the much needed peace of mind. He hooked up with his neighbour and best friend, Mr. Mehra and went to the park close to home. During their walk, it was natural for Mr. Malhotra to pour his heart out to his friend about the troubles he was facing in finding decent budget hotels in central Mumbai. What luck, Mr. Mehra had recently made a trip to Mumbai and had done his hotel bookings online, and gave that idea to his friend. The budget was perfect and so was the accommodation, considering that the family was to travel together. His suggestion was to do the same thing and close the matter.

Mr. Malhotra came back home a happy man, and decided to take charge and surprise his wife for a change, by doing the booking himself. A walk with a friend always helps, even when it is about finding a home away from home.


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