My Brother’s Sweaty Sticky Summer Stories


235x96_top-indivine-postLiving in a joint family with the entire jing bang is so much fun. The stories one can reminisce, talk about and laugh go on and on, it’s almost like a never-ending saga. And if siblings are together, the drama never ends. When all of us siblings spend time together, it is amazing and the atmosphere is so charged up that it can be one hell of a riot. We usually target one sibling / family member and do everything humanly possible to tease that person. The fun ranges from mimicking to acting and remembering all the good and not so good things about that person.

One top family favourite for these fun times is my younger brother. While he is younger than me, he likes to behave like the older one, which is fun in its own way. But the best part is the crazy things that we can tease him about. We live in a very old building in South Mumbai. The building has no lift and we stay on the top floor – the fifth floor. In the summers it can be painful to keep going up and down for work due to the heat. And for my brother it sure is extra painful. One – he may have eaten breakfast/ lunch and then stepped out, or rather climbed down to go somewhere. But the moment, he reaches the ground floor; he’s already hungry, despite the heat when one usually eats light. And then, he first has to surrender to his tummy demands and satiate the butterflies before proceeding for any work.

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He loves his bike and that is his preferred mode of transport when he needs to run quick errands. The car for him is a vehicle to be used only when absolutely necessary. Given the traffic conditions in Mumbai the bike is a better option, though one would think that the car is a better choice in the sweltering hot and humid Mumbai.  Undoubtedly, his t-shirt is always dank, almost as if he got drenched in the heavy rains. But the car story is the funny one. The moment he climbs down the five floors, he is soaked in sweat. He has his rules before he gets into the car and zooms away. He is a stickler for cleanliness and his need to drive a swanky clean car is very crucial. You get the picture right? He gets soaked further as he prepares the car for his drive; and by the time he gets into the car he needs a change of clothes. This is a well-known story that has done the rounds in the family circuit thousands of times. Well, his love for branded t-shirts ensures that he has atleast two of them waiting on him in the car, always. He changes into one of his favourites before he skyrockets.

The summer heat and his sweaty sticky stories are always a source of laughter for us.

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