Books Are A Uniquely Portable Magic


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R. R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons 

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My belief in this quote is unfathomable; for, books are my life. My relationship with books started way too early; and I am told that even as a toddler, books were a source of joy and solace for me. More often than not, when I did a deed worthy of being rewarded, the prize would be a book. If I made the mistake of doing an unworthy deed; something that was a taboo, the punishment was a book being taken away. That would throw me into a deep valley of sorrow, thus regretting the ‘not-so-good’ deed. I would save every single dime from my pocket money to get the books I was dying to read. Even if it meant a champagne taste on a beer budget, I would manage to get them by hook or by crook. Books, I can safely say have been my haven and will always be.

Almost everyone amongst my family and friends knew what to get me for my birthday if they wouldn’t be able to think of anything more creative. Buying a book for me would be a no-brainer, and almost as easy as drinking a glass of water. A big grin and a warm hug as a return gift were confirmed. Why just birthdays? Even when there was absolutely no occasion, books would be pouring in. And lo and behold, it is anybody’s guess that books are the biggest reason for me to celebrate. Celebrations start with them and go on forever.  A book doesn’t need a ‘celebration’ to exist in my life, for reading a book is a celebration in itself.

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The World Book Day was celebrated on April 23rd. Now now, whilst books don’t really a need a special ‘day’, I am ecstatic that they have also managed a share of the pie of ‘celebrated days’. With the near extinction of good reading habits of the coming generation, it is only befitting that we celebrate and dedicate a day to books.

Reading for me is like quenching thirst in the deserts of Sahara. It ain’t a nine-day wonder but a compulsive habit for life, for which I would part with an arm and a leg any day. Books make me come alive and rejuvenate me; every moment of reading a good book is like creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. It reminds me of all the emotions I went through with each character I fell in love with or abhorred. How their joys became my reason to smile and their misery a reason to shed tears. There’s so much a book does to me. Hence sometimes I feel like crying my eyes out at the mere thought of what would happen if the future generation ceases to read and never experiences the feel of a book in their hands.

I beat the drum with every book when I flip its pages; and each book in my library at home is a reason to rejoice, without any real reason. My heart sinks at the thought of a world sans books, because books are truly my inspiration to live every moment in entirety and make it a grand celebration!


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