Happy First Anniversary My Darling


“Honey, did you manage to keep all my things inside the suitcase? I had piled them up neatly.”

“Yes love, I did. And don’t worry; I also remembered to keep your favourite Oleva Legging that we just bought as well. Can I ever forget those?”

My husband packs my suitcase wonderfully and usually never forgets to put all the important things in them. It’s just that once in a while when he thinks I am traveling a bit too heavy, some stuff suddenly disappears from my bag in the hope of making it lighter. Though he knows that it’s all in vain, because the empty parts of the bag get filled with new shopping, but at times he still doesn’t relent. So I guess this time he decided against the old trick, thinking that packing everything properly would be a smarter move. He wouldn’t be able to stop me from shopping on this trip, considering it was our first wedding anniversary. We were headed to Miami for the celebration and I needed my leggings. Didn’t want to get burnt in the sun, not on my anniversary for sure!

Happily we drove off towards Miami. It was going to be a long drive, but the way my husband drove I knew we would be in Miami before nightfall, just in time for the promised dinner to bring in the beautiful day that we got married on exactly a year back.  Summers had just about set in and the drive was long and beautiful. The vistas were picturesque and we kept humming our favourite numbers from the 70s. It was awesome, just the way I envisaged it. Just he and me, the charming expressway, soulful songs and love in the air.

He gave me a kiss as he kept the box in my hands. I was only too eager to open it... a story of… Click To Tweet

We reached our hotel in Miami at 7 p.m. We took some time to freshen up and then we were to head for dinner. Knowing how tickled pink I get at the thought of giving him surprise gifts, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was happy as a clam when I kept the gift-wrapped box in front of him. And believe you me, even he was ready with an even bigger box, and I was in seventh heaven. OMG!

He gave me a kiss as he kept the box in my hands. I was only too eager to open it and see the surprise. I took exactly three and a half seconds to tear the wrapper apart. To discover… that my first anniversary present was a tunic!!! A tunic!? Here I was going nuts deciding what would be the most appropriate gift for him and finally zeroed upon a Tag watch; and all I got was a tunic. Well, it was nice, undoubtedly, because my husband’s choice is outstanding. I smiled, and said, “Its lovely honey, thank you”. He said, “This is to be paired up with your favourite leggings, my love”. And right after that he let out a huge laugh, hugged me tight and gave the most affectionate kiss on my forehead. He released me, pulled out a much smaller box from his pocket and kept it on my right hand and whispered, “Happy First Anniversary my darling!”

Now THAT completely did me in. This time I opened the box in one and a half seconds to discover it was a beautiful emeralds and diamonds neck-piece. I couldn’t believe he played that trick on me. But after seeing the necklace I totally forgot about it, and also changed into my favourite new tunic and leggings (yes the tunic had automatically become my top favourite after seeing the necklace) to go for dinner and enjoy the wonderful evening that awaited us.


This is a piece of fiction. 

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