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Ravi, Kavi and Chhavi finally decided to meet after fifteen years. They hadn’t met after graduating from IIT Mumbai as each one of them moved to their respective cities and became busy in his own life. Now after each one was satisfied with his career and responsibilities at home, it was time to revive the beautiful old friendship amongst the trio.

“Hey Ravi, let’s book ourselves into one of the cheap hotels in Mumbai, just like old times when we were struggling” said Chhavi on their conference call while planning their Mumbai trip.

“No way, think of our reputation. It’s not as if we cannot afford atleast one of the 3 star hotels in Mumbai; isn’t it?” Kavi retorted.

Ravi, the sanest amongst the three finally butted in. “Listen dudes, we want to relive our memories, but it is also important to stay at a decent place. Mumbai has changed so much since we left and it would be better if we don’t take chances and do something silly like yesteryears. It would be best to look for some budget hotels in Mumbai, since we will also want to sit back, relax and talk, not just be out and about. So leave it to me and you won’t be disappointed.” He did not want to be caught unawares with his friends doing something untoward like the good old days, However, Ravi had his own little secret plan.

With that realisation he managed his best crooked smile, and hugged his dear buddies tightly. Click To Tweet

When the ‘d’ day arrived, it was Ravi who reached first, apparently. He had promised to pick up Chhavi and Kavi from the airport as they were arriving from Lucknow and Bangalore; and landing at nearly the same time. There was so much excitement in the air and Ravi was hoping that they recognise him as he become bald over the last fifteen years. Kavi landed first, walked out and immediately yelled out to Ravi who was standing at the arrival gate. They hugged and almost cried, it had been years and they hadn’t even seen each other once. They waited for Chhavi with bated breath and had something notorious planned for him. He was the naughtiest amongst the three and this trip was about reliving the old times, afterall.

The moment Chhavi landed, he called Ravi to tell him he was walking out. The moment he walked out of the gate, he suddenly heard loud music and noticed that there was a band playing outside the arrival gate. He thought perhaps there was some bride-groom arriving that time too; only to realise that it wasn’t so. Because the very next moment some ten people rushed to him with garlands and coconuts; the music got louder while a couple of photographers kept clicking away the grand moment as if a VIP had just landed. He was shocked at first with people putting the garlands around his neck and thought it was a case of mistaken identity. That’s when realisation dawned upon him. The music had died down and there was some kind of devilish laughter in the background. Ravi and Kavi had finally managed to play a prank on him; and given back in style what he had constantly done to them during college years.

With that realisation he managed his best crooked smile, shrugged his shoulders and hugged his dear buddies tightly. He had tears in his eyes and couldn’t believe he would be so overwhelmed to meet them. After their emotional moment, Ravi finally announced that it was time to go home.

“Home?” Chhavi and Kavi questioned.

“Yes home, because I have shifted to Mumbai and have a house of my own, and we don’t need a hotel”.

And on that happy note, off they went to enjoy the next three days in each other’s company and relive old memories!

Image source: Flickr

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