When your heart speaks, take good notes!


One glimpse and I knew it was her. There was no mistaking, the way her beautiful brown tresses fell over her face and shoulders, that even after five years I could recognise her amidst a crowd. I wish I could push people, stop searching for information on hotel bookings in Bangalore on my cell phone for my boss who was to travel the next day, jump over and rush to the Jet Airways counter where she was checking in for her flight. Albeit, the queue at the departures entrance was serpentine and by the time I reached inside and rushed towards counter number 60, she had disappeared in thin air. I had to check in for my flight to Delhi too; I did that and in a desperate attempt, asked the lady at the counter where the beautiful woman was headed. I think she sensed my desperation, smiled and whispered, “Bangalore – 9W397, you will need to rush Mr. Nair; and by the way her return ticket is booked for day after.”

I barely managed to thank her and ran for my life – her, Simran. Tried my best to locate her but she was nowhere to be seen. And then I noticed that the counter for the Bangalore flight had closed. All passengers had checked in and the flight was ready to take off. I lost my chance yet again. But this time I decided not to let it pass. “I will find you and tell you that you are the queen of my heart Simran, the one I have been waiting for. I did not gather the courage to tell you then, even though we were so close for three years. And then suddenly you moved away. But this time I will leave no stone unturned in finding you”, I rehearsed my script.

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I rushed to board my flight and immediately started looking for the list of hotels in Bangalore. Having worked with Simran I knew her preferences and that she would obviously book herself in one of the best hotels in Bangalore. I had to find her somehow, so till the take-off announcement wasn’t made, I kept looking for the information and compiled my list. I also booked a flight from Delhi to Bangalore for the same evening; so I could finish my meeting in Delhi and reach Bangalore before nightfall. I decided to call all the shortlisted hotels to find out where she had checked in and meet her tonight itself. I had to!

With that happy thought, I fell into a deep reverie… dreaming of standing with a bunch of long stem red roses in my hand, outside her hotel room door… waiting to see her expression… and hoping to see a glimpse of love in her beautiful grey eyes…

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