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Just the other day I was down in the dumps and felt really bummed out. I wasn’t even feeling too well and normally when I am unwell it depresses me further. During my migraine bouts I usually sleep it off to get rid of the pain. But that day the discomfort was getting on my nerves and I didn’t even feel like sleeping it off; so I decided to listen to some music to perk up my disheartened state. I have noticed people listening to even more depressing music when they are down and out. Thankfully I do the exact opposite. I love listening to peppy numbers when I am feeling low. That does wonders to soothe my aching nerves and brings tranquility to my otherwise turbulent state of mind.

I know it will sound a bit crazy, but despite there being over 200 numbers on my cell phone; there are only these selected few that I customarily listen to. That day, as if it was in the lap of the gods, just when I switched on the music on my darling blackberry, “babydoll” came alive. Sunny Leone was in full form as if holding my hand and pleading me to join her and shake a leg on that boisterous number. It completely transformed my world that time and from getting sucked by that sinking feeling, I was suddenly pleased as punch. But hey, it wasn’t just Sunny and her item song. It was also my mind that did the trick.

Sunny Leone in Baby Doll
Sunny Leone in Baby Doll

Dancing has been a passion of my life since my nappy days; and dancing and I get along like a house on fire. So the moment Sunny started her seductive moves to Kanika’s captivating voice, I kicked up my heels on the stage (in my mind), let my hair down and at first meandered aimlessly. When the remix version of the same song started, suddenly the mind-stage transformed from a normal dance floor into one where I was just about to paint the town red with my libidinous Latin ballroom moves along with my husband, and ofcourse wearing my stunning red salsa shoes. And there you go, I was visualising a dance performance with Desh on centre-stage and boy did that lift my spirits. Music and dancing, even if within the confines of my mind, in my own fantasy world, do wonders to make me cheerful and feel on cloud nine. It may sound alarming to some, but my fantasy world really does it for me. The mind for me is an amazing instrument that can make it or break it.

I completely agree with Steve Maraboli who said, “Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.” It’s the mind that can do the trick and bring you out from a state of misery and hopelessness to a feeling of happiness and joy. It is upon us how we choose to use the mind’s potential. We can either choose to struggle through life and barely get by and make it from one challenge to the next; or we can choose to harness the tremendous power of our thoughts and intentions to inspire and empower all our actions to create a steady state of happiness in our lives.

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I choose to allow my mind to let my thoughts flow freely into a world of fantasy. Thoughts have energy and our entire universe is made up of energy. Our mind affects the world through our thoughts, feelings and actions in every way. To put it an uncomplicated way, happy thoughts equal a happy word, sad thoughts equal a sad world, so on and so forth. How and what we think literally reflects in the world around us because there are certain logical, scientific and philosophical connections that we may not have probably studied about, but which are primary elements of this experience called human life. Hence, I am completely convinced that our happiness depends upon the way we choose to meet the events in our life. I choose the route of my fantasy world to get into a perpetual state of happiness, what about you?

Here’s a little bit of inspiration to help you set your mind free… Sunny Leone’s Babydoll Video 🙂

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