My horror story…. albeit, a bit….



235x96_top-indivine-postHe was very strong, physically as well as mentally. But I always thought he was over-confident. Perhaps my perception of him was wrong right from the beginning. He was a smooth operator. No wonder he floored me since the time he set his eyes on me; and since I noticed him. Flowers, chocolates, cakes, cards, sweet nothings, I got them all from him. How could a girl’s heart not be set on fire? I felt I was born only for him. All those love stories I had dreamt of, the handsome prince on a white horse galloping towards me, picks me up and takes me away to faraway land where only love and peace exist; seemed to be transpiring right in front of my eyes. I was in seventh heaven. He was the man and I wanted to belong to him forever.

Knowing how farsighted my parents were, they found something amiss in this whole relationship. But it was their precious daughter in question, their only child who they brought up like a princess. Much against their sixth sense, their hearts melted and they gave in. They knew they had it all that was needed to live a luxurious life in this material world and they would be able to provide everything to me and my better half to ensure a beautiful life. That gave them solace and they consented to our wedding, Rohan and mine.

Life was magnificent, every moment exquisite. But it was short lived. For how long can one put up a façade? Masquerades are ephemeral. I saw him changing with every passing day. The love seemed to be withering away and there was only anger, malevolence and acrimony. Though I did not completely understand the reason behind such behaviour, since we had everything people aspired for; yet the positive woman in me believed it was just a passing phase and things would get better soon enough. Just that soon never happened and things took a turn for the worse. There were fights and then suddenly one day I felt my world come crashing down when he hit me for the first time. I forgave him for he knew not what he did. He was drunk and I was too benevolent. I assumed that his bark was worse than his bite. But I was wrong… all along…

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As if experiencing a fate worse than death wasn’t enough, one day sudden news came as a bolt from the blue. My parents died on the spot in a car accident. That did me in completely. I was broken, shattered and now I had no one to fall back upon. Life had played its cards and I was losing steadily. I prayed for the departed souls and turned into carrion myself. A walking talking living dead woman, for now however much I would console myself it was all in vain. I knew life would never change. Honestly I gave up. There was no hope with a man like Rohan tied to me. Even if I wanted to escape where would I go, my treasured relations were already in heaven. The thought of them bleeding tears at my plight even after death made me cringe. I was now awaiting my fate, and it did come that night.

Rohan was drunk and he started his usual tirade. Nasty remarks and expletives at first, and when I didn’t respond he resorted to using his physical strength. I was naïve to think that these crosses were ladders that would lead me to heaven. I kept quiet and endured it all. His black mood had turned him into a bear with sore head. The devil in him took over completely and he pushed me out of the huge French windows of our bedroom on the second level of our gorgeous house. I fell straight into the garden in the arms of my favourite rock where I would sit and read and spend my lonely afternoons. Even while falling, during that split second I felt bad for the rock that would have to bear the brunt of my death and would be splattered with blood and scars for life. Oh god, when will I stop being good? For I realised that goodness was a farce in this world, and I was… stupid! There were no more fairy tales, only terrible deaths and suffering!

I felt a burning sensation in my head when the red liquid was spluttering from my skull and in an instant there was no more pain. In fact I could see myself lying in the pool of blood. How could I see myself? I just died, didn’t I? Oh my god, could this be true? All those horror stories of spirits roaming in the world due to their untimely death and harassing people, was I one of them now? I was in splits, literally. This was going to be fun, a new experience and now I could seek revenge. Revenge?! A word that never occurred to me my complete life, after death it became a strong emotion in me.

I underwent my own rituals sitting far behind. I could hear all voices. They all looked sad, especially Rohan. But there was insincerity in their grief. I could sense it, for now I could see through everything. I was eager to know what Rohan would do next, and what I witnessed then made me die a thousand deaths even after my death! How could he, oh god, how could he? He sat there drinking with his friends in my very own living room, the one that I decorated with my own hands, boasting of his tales. How he got my parents killed in an accident. Dad had started trusting him and had mentioned about his will in the passing. It was natural that everything would come to me after them, but what I didn’t know was if I would die too, Rohan would inherit everything; considering he would be the only living heir of my family. How did my intelligent father who had the perfect head on his shoulders give way such important information, I pondered while sitting on my rocking chair staring at all those monsters. Little did I know that Rohan was a tyrant!

My world seemed to be sinking. Was that possible even after death? Did ghosts have emotions? I had heard they had a soul; but that they had feelings and emotions, was new to me. I wanted to feel myself seething with anger and take vengeance from this man. But I felt even as a ghost I had become a mockery. I felt disdain for my own self. These feelings were new, I never felt them before; and I was happy for they made my resolve to seek revenge stronger and even stronger. I knew Rohan had the capability of cancelling out all distractions, fear and emotions, especially when he was drunk. But I had made up my mind, I would seek revenge, for without revenge my soul would be lost forever and would die several deaths every minute.

That night when he was alone, I knocked on the bedroom door. He was fast asleep but he stirred in his sleep. I knocked again and I could feel fear sending chills down his spine. He realised there were no servants in the house and his blood ran cold. For once it looked like he was afraid of his own shadow as he sat up on our bed. I knocked the third time, and this time I could see he had broken out in cold sweat almost as if he knew his fate awaited him. He gathered the courage to walk up to the door, opened it, saw me in my wedding attire; and stopped dead in his tracks…


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