Kapil Dev gets ready for an un-Kapil innings with #EkNayiLeague



It was summer in Delhi and India was playing Zimbabwe.  The team was reeling at 17 for 5 when Yashpal Sharma, the fearless batsman from Delhi got out.  The writing on the wall was clear.  After winning two matches – one against the then invincible West Indies – and losing one, India was now headed for a remarkable loss.  Then strode in Kapil Dev.  Whatever!  I shrugged and went out to play as my Dad listened to the commentary.

I was out for a couple of hours.  Came home expecting to see Indian team’s complete capitulation and instead saw my Dad beaming ear to ear, as he narrated how Kapil Dev had scored 175 and taken India to an amazing total of 266.  Quite high in those days.

Kapil Dev was always a special sportsman and a person.  I still remember how in his first test innings at Faislabad against Pakistan, Kapil scored 59 with fours and sixes raining all over.  As he walked out judged lbw to Sarfraz Nawaz, the inimitable Lala Amarnath said proudly as he sat with the Pakistani hosts – He came like a thunder and went like a lightning!

That’s how Kapil has always been.  A guy who does everything with his heart.

The same Kapil – @therealkapildev –  is now all over twitter trending with his #EkNayiLeague!   He has an intriguing set of videos led by his opening one on how if one participates in this new “League”, and plays from the heart – a trademark of Kapil – you will lose.  It is as if Kapil is becoming completely un-Kapil!  And therein lies the appeal of this ad campaign that no one is sure what’s it all about.

So what do I think it is?

Ek Nayi League is Koffee with Karan for Cricketers

In Koffee with Karan, Karan Johar came up with questions that would provoke his guests to make headlines with their answers.  Sometimes intemperate and sometimes from the heart.  Episode after episode, everyone who wasn’t on guard and let his or her heart speak, was sure to ruffle enough feathers in the film community.

That is what Kapil’s new Ek Nayi League in all probability intends to do.  Raise some storms and beckon some laughs and put spotlight on aspects of cricketers, past and current, that we had never seen!  So, #EkNayiLeague will be like “Koffee with Karan” for Cricketers. 🙂 Cricketers, past and current will be asked questions where they will spill the beans on their fraternity and their personal lives!

Kapil Dev gets ready for an un-Kapil innings with #EkNayiLeague @eknayileague Click To Tweet

So friends be ready for a nice ride as the best of Indian cricket fraternity gets ready to face Kapil’s trademark outswingers and sharp inswingers, albeit of the verbal kind.

And, be rest assured, he will do what he does best – make people sit up and take notice of his sharp talent on the TV shows as well.  As a rare treat, let us watch how he bowled his first over in test cricket in that test at Faislabad.

And, what do YOU think it is?


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