Vivid palisade
Kaleidoscopic brilliance
Nature at its peak


This Haiku is inspired by this ethereal picture of the Himalayan range captured by my husband Desh on his way to visit the celestial Kailash. In the Yogic tradition, Kailash is said to be the embodiment of the highest being – Shiva, himself! Pilgrims go to Kailash to experience Shiva there. This was taken on the way to that amazing place.

Though the words used in this Haiku are simple, each one holds a very special meaning for me. Here are my definitions of some of the words I have used, so you can appreciate the spirit with which I wrote this one:

vivid – intense, powerful
palisade – fortification
brilliance – inspiration
peak – mountain, not just the pinnacle 🙂

A Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five; traditionally evoking images of the natural world

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