Ooo Maa… Look at my first grey strand!


235x96_top-indivine-postI looked into the mirror with a start and simply shrieked when I spotted a silver grey strand, proudly standing on my head and swaying back and forth as I stood below the whirring fan! “Hello!!! I am in Class 10” I said to myself; what a crying shame it was to have greys while still in school. It almost felt like I was finished, my life was over; no career ahead and nothing to look forward to. Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes you get a splinter sliding down a rainbow, I had heard; now I was witnessing it.

Mom & I
Mom & I

“Mumma!!!” I shrieked. “Just please come here now and look at this, now what will become of me?” I literally sobbed, and suddenly my face looked like a wet weekend. My life had precipitously come to a standstill because there was no way in hell I would be able to show my hair…. err, face to anyone.  As dramatic as that may sound, but that’s exactly how I felt when I saw my first grey strand in my lovely, long, dark brown tresses while still in school. Well, the drama lasted only a few seconds until mom came running to find out what possibly went wrong with me, out of the blue. The moment I shared my colossal agony with mom, she rescued my sinking heart with a broad grin. She told me early greying of tresses was a hereditary issue with us and it ran in the family. My grandmom, my aunts and she had the same issue and it wasn’t as bad as I made it sound.

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Though her words did soothe my aching heart a bit, I wasn’t really convinced. My spirits had been dampened totally. I was known for cutting a dash always, with not a hair out of place, and well; now thanks to that solitary reaper, my hair was exactly out of place! My mother was grinning, looked like she didn’t even get the depth of the problem. And then mom’s smile hit me like a bolt from the blue. OMG, Nooo! Did her grin suggest henna? No way would I allow the orange tinge in my lovely locks… Yuck!!! I mean, I had a reputation to protect and maintain. And my tresses played a crucial role in my overall look. But her grin meant something else. She simply picked up a pair of scissors and went,”cut!”

On the day of my marriage.
On the day of my marriage.

That day she told me something so loving and important, that defined my life completely. “Baby, I will never do anything to make you sad. If you don’t like the solution I propose, we will work towards it and reach common ground. But you never have to do something you dislike, just for the sake of it, and because I said it. You are an intelligent girl and I trust you with your decisions. And yes ofcourse, when you have a decent number of greys that will need to be covered, we will use my favourite hair colour to touch it up, not henna.” The last sentence was very reassuring and made my cup runneth over, but it was mom’s simple style to make everything look so easy and achievable.

This was one hilarious episode in my life where she came to rescue. But there have been infinite not-so-hilarious episodes too when she has been my saviour. Her hand on my head has always felt like the hand of God, and in a way she has been my Mother Goddess since I was born. Dad had been my support constantly too, but then there are some things that a girl only shares with her mother, and that’s what makes mothers so special.

Mom and I have come a long way; from her cutting that one little shiny strand on my head, to both of us visiting the salon together to get our greys covered and make it a ‘girls day out!’ The mother – daughter relationship lasted for a few nascent years, and has blossomed into the most cherished friendship I will ever be able to boast of. Today, when I look back at my life and think of all those infinitesimal moments that have made living on the blue planet such a special experience, the first face that comes to my mind is that of my beautiful mother, my first expert who is irreplaceable; just like your mother is for you!



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