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235x96_top-indivine-postSocial Media is like the vast Universe of data.  Even for one individual leave alone a company with many business product lines and geographic markets.  If you are not engaging the world of consumers and your customers – whether you an individual blogger or a large FMCG – via the social media and web, then you are basically setting yourself up for future oblivion.  For, make no mistake YOU are being engaged on the social media with your customers writing about you.  Just that you don’t have a say in how you are perceived.  Someone else is setting the agenda.

If you are a blogger or a content heavy website, even then you need to know clearly as to what content is working and what isn’t.  So how do you do that?  By having clear social media marketing strategies predicated on solid on social media analytics.  Social media monitoring is often thought of as the way to look into what’s going on in the market.  But our work needs to go beyond, far beyond just monitoring the content in the media out there.

Comprehensive look at social media engagement
Comprehensive look at social media engagement

Amongst the clutter of esoteric and expensive social media management software space, now comes an offering from a company in Asia – Thoughtbuzz.  It is a company founded in 2008 headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.  It has some awesome tools to manage all your social media accounts in one place.  It has all three account offerings which also include the free account – one is called “Premium” with roughly USD 4.50 a month, which will be ideal for a prolific blogger and “Enterprise” which will work best for a large company.

What does it do?  It allows you to map all your Social Media accounts and contacts in one place – the Thoughtbuzz dashboard.  So, first you need to add the various accounts.

Types of Accounts you can add
Types of Accounts you can add

When you sign into the Dashboard, you can see the high level three options: Notifications (New Feeds, Content Insights and My Recent Tasks), Trends, and Top Fans.  Let us check out how these look and what these options offer to the user.

New Feeds
New Feeds

Content Insights include who is engaging in what way.

Content Insights
Content Insights

Trends is by far the most important area for someone who wants to create new and viral content.  Here you know what is trending so you can create your content to ride the trend.

Trends on Various Social Media Platforms - by Country, City and Global
Trends on Various Social Media Platforms – by Country, City and Global

The Top fans page helps us know who all are our most prolific fans.  People who share, comment and like our posts on Facebook…

Top Fans - Facebook
Top Fans – Facebook

… and Twitter.

Top Fans - Twitter
Top Fans – Twitter

Another area of great power is the Social Media Analysis page.  Here you can check the data for a certain time period and see how your page has fared with the customers.  It will tell you your most engaged content and posts, so you can tweak your message based on what is being received the most.

Social Analysis - this includes detailed analysis by Social Media Platform
Social Analysis – this includes detailed analysis by Social Media Platform


Thoughtbuzz is a top social media tracking and analytics tool that every blogger and corporate with social media presence should use.  Overall, one found this to be an awesome tool with an affordable price tag!





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