Two years back this day was so special!



15th June – the memorable day I was born on, after which the city I was born in was flooded for two days. They say such small things happen in big cities when legends are born. Surprised? Why? What else did you expect a narcissist to say? Just kidding! Birthdays are always special for everyone, but two years back someone made it extraordinarily special for me by crossing oceans and coming all the way to India to make it a day to remember and earmark special and beautiful times to come. My husband of today and best friend then landed in Mumbai from the US and celebrated my birthday with me. The special part is that we met for the first time on my birthday!

Our first selfie together the day we first met
Our first selfie together the day we first met

I still remember every single moment spent with him that day! I was super nervous and extremely excited as well. The usually confident me just couldn’t think of ‘things to do’ with Desh on my birthday. So I decided not to sweat and take him to Coffee Bean and Tea leaf for a cup of coffee instead. I know I know, most of you who know me very well would say this is so un-Archana-like! How come the creative mind did not whip up some unusual surprise? But what do you do when your beau is in your city and you are unable to choose from the list of thousand things you would normally do, due to sheer nervousness. I don’t regret the coffee date with him at all. It was the best and the most unforgettable coffee we both ever had. Time just flew looking into each other’s eyes, the stolen smiles (ahem… smiles is the right word here!!), the whispered conversations, the sudden silence and the sudden looking at each other and smiling again, the brushing of fingers and the 1000 volts electric current that it would create. Oh, I could go on and on…. What a day it was.

Two years back this day was so special.. when we fell in love over coffee, just as today. Click To Tweet

We had a huge party planned on the eve of my birthday that year, especially because Desh was going to be around. But there was a tragedy in the family and the party had to be cancelled. So when he landed we met and had coffee and then lunch. A walk on the spectacular Marine Drive later accompanied by thunder, lightning and heavy showers (as it always happens on my birthday) completed the beautiful day. Ofcourse celebrations at home were just about to begin when the day with Desh got over!

Today, as I sit across the table at Starbucks in Atlanta, gazing into his eyes again, sipping our favourite coffee together, I can’t help but reminisce the same day spent with Desh two years back. What a day it was back then and what a day it is now. That day I was Ms. Chaurasia and today on the same day I am Mrs. Kapoor. After such a long separation, to be with the man of your dreams on your special day is to feel like the luckiest person on the planet. I am grinning ear to ear as I write this post and my dear husband is trying his best not to get distracted and look into his book to study for his exams.

At Starbucks in Atlanta
At Starbucks in Atlanta

May god bless the men who make our lives so wonderful!

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