It’s July 1 and I am back in business!



Well, one could argue about the importance or insignificance of the date. It marks the end of half the year as well as the beginning of the seventh month, a happy month for all July babies and well yes; it sure does mark the beginning of a month itself. But for me today – July 1 is far more important, for it marks the beginning of making a comeback to the wonderful, fulfilling world of writing. To think of it, it’s just been about ten days since I have been out of the circuit, but it seems like ages to me. I almost feel like a fish out of water; as if something is totally amiss! Honestly I have been longing to get to the computer and start typing and talking to my virtual world.

No, I don’t have a writer’s block! The last ten days have been terribly busy. Actually no, the last few days have been pleasantly busy days, what with some out of the world travelling and driving across 6 states in the United States (that calls for a blogpost too). While it has been complete bliss and something that I have been yearning for a long time, only God and my husband know how much I have been itching to write. Just that I couldn’t make too much time for it! Travelling and being on the road for nearly 8 – 12 hours on a daily basis does make you a weary and burnt-out person, how much ever chirpy and enthusiastic you may be in the real world. But I must admit, every little thing I encountered on the road made me think of what a beautiful write-up it would make. Finally, when I was totally mesmerised by the clouds and the breathtakingly beautiful hues in the exquisite and dramatic skies I could not hold myself anymore! I couldn’t help but write a Haiku on the drama that was unfolding right in front of my eyes. But that was it and then the real break began! And I did love every moment of it as Desh and I also celebrated our anniversary in Miami.

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The absolutely wonderful part was receiving messages from friends in the writing community. That made me feel good and belonged to the blogging world. It was heartening to note that me and my posts were being missed. So, as Debajyoti-da of the fame suggested – here I am writing my first post after my involuntary break and settling down after the long and lovely travel!

There’s so much to write about – all the amazing places that Desh and I visited in the past few days, what we saw and the endless hours of fun that we had. But I’ll get to it slowly and gradually, one by one. For now I am happy that I made a start, because that’s where most folks don’t get to.

A special mention for Teny and his vampires who revolve around theteacerebration, for his generosity for not only nominating us for the Blogadda awards but for the marvellous words of praise; that it almost made me feel guilty for being away for a mere ten days! Thank you Teny for reminding us that writing is a therapeutic exercise and we need to be back in the world of healing through writing at the earliest. So, as promised here we are…

So long then… until the next post comes up on Drishti… 🙂

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