The Earth Laughs in Flowers and Foliage



Let no one think that real gardening is a bucolic and meditative occupation. It is an insatiable passion, like everything else to which a man gives his heart. – Karel Capek

Err… in this case a woman too! Gardening, planting, sowing seeds and then watching them sprout into saplings which then turn into bigger shrubs, trees and become fertile and produce sheer delight – such a heartfelt, soulful experience! One that was long lost when I was a kid, I saw my passion being nurtured by my father who was consistent with his gardening habits and ensured greenery and beauty around the house; and one that has been re-discovered thanks to the same craving possessed by my husband. Life’s vagaries and the tendency of having many irons in the fire often takes away little pleasures of life and I am thrilled that I have been able to pursue an old hobby and a source of joy that I missed out on for so many years.

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The perks of buying a new house and starting your life in it are tremendous; and when we bought our new home there were thousands of big and small dreams that we weaved for it. Having plants around us was one of our foremost aspirations and the moment we moved in and settled into our new house, we decided to initiate Project ‘Kapoor Gardens’ with immediate effect.

The starting point was to decide the place where majority of the plants would be kept. I think to a large extent it was a given since we have a beautiful and long open wooden patio with tonnes of sunlight and that’s where our plants would be. Selecting spaces for indoor plants wasn’t too tough a decision either. The next step was to look for appropriate pots which would be unique and not hurt the pocket as well, since ceramic pots especially are very expensive in the US. We kept picking pots as and when we came across the type we were looking for and managed to get small plants and a lot of floral seeds. While most of the plants and pots are from Atlanta, when we drove to Houston we visited the big nurseries there and bought the choicest of terracotta and ceramic pots, coir baskets and some fabulous plants too – flowers, vegetables, ferns and foliage.

Buying the requisite items is just the small part in the whole exercise. The real fun was in transferring the plants in the pots and setting them up alongwith the potting soil without damaging the plant in any way. They do demand a lot of tender loving care which Desh and I were most happy to provide. It was exciting to plant two – three different types of plants in the same big pot. We worked with succulents and flowers of different colours. The outcome of one longish container was exhilarating since we planted different coloured flowers, seeds, succulents and ferns together. Myriad hues in the same pot look out of this world. Setting them up aesthetically is something else. Every time we went out shopping, we somehow landed up looking for hooks, brackets, wrought iron hanging baskets etc, apart from the plant pots. Our hunt for good things in life seems never ending, but for now I think we have successfully managed to achieve our first cut!

The idea that sowing seeds and planting the garden together as a couple brings you closer was not lost on us, and we made the most of it, making the whole experience really splendid. It was as good as bringing up a child together. It’s just been about a month since we started working with our plants and I can’t even begin to express how elated we feel when we sit on the deck every morning to have tea amidst our plants.

We are a great fan of Indian herbs and having plants of mint, basil, lemon thyme etc., is really nice. I was worried about the mint not growing very well as it kept falling everywhere and I used to be majorly amused when Desh kept telling me to be positive about it. I remember how dad used to talk to his plants back home and that’s what I started doing too. I started wishing them good morning and saying hello to each one of them while watering them and they have been doing miraculously well now. It’s exciting to talk to your plants and find out about their health on a daily basis because they enjoy talking to you too. What a therapeutic experience it is. If I ever feel depressed or miss my parents and sibs, I spend some quiet moments with my plants and they always manage to lift my spirits by transferring their positive energy and optimism to me. In fact I sincerely feel that gardening and planting is no less a spiritual process in itself.

Here’s a small virtual tour of our little bundles of joy. Hope you enjoy saying hello to them as much as Desh and I do.





















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