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“There are two kinds of taste in the appreciation of imaginative literature: the taste for emotions of surprise and the taste for emotions of recognition.” – Henry James

Being a Banker and a Learning and Development professional; awards, rewards and recognition have always been close to my heart. That’s how motivation works in the corporate world. While many people argue that it is money that works wonders in motivating people, I think there’s more to it. Recognition is far more important and can make or break a career/ situation multi-fold and can have far reaching effects, way enormous than what money can do. So with this kind of a mind-set one can imagine how I must have felt when I got recognised for my writing. Seventh heaven is an understatement!

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I started my blogging journey on 29th January this year. Initially I was struggling, not because I could not write or suffered from a writer’s block, but I just wasn’t used to it. I was used to writing once in a while on the facebook notes section whenever I got excited and I felt there was a story that I should share with the world. All the posts that you find on Drishti way before January 2015 are the ones that I wrote earlier, once in 5 – 6 blue moons.

Desh and I were happily blogging on Drishti about all topics under the sun when suddenly one day sometime in May, our blogging buddy – the lovely and demure Sunaina Bhatia ( asked me a question on what writing means to me. I answered back but had no clue what was in store for me. I was taken by surprise when she tagged me to a post later where she had nominated me for the Blogadda Award for my writing, saying that it inspired her. It was truly a jaw-dropping moment for me and I can’t express how elated Desh and I were. That feeling had just about begun to sink in when we got tagged by a dear old friend, Lata Subramanian (, who nominated Desh and me for the same award. Now, it was time to do a double take! Two in a row, and that too a positive bolt from the blue! We were beaming, and actually I was grinning too. I had barely started writing and recognition at this juncture was something that I hadn’t even thought about.

Lo and behold! We got nominated by the poetess who spins absolute beauty with her words – Vyomi Malik ( And it didn’t stop there since we also got nominated by Top 10 Reviews ( and this was someone we hadn’t even known and interacted with back then. To be recognised by someone you have never interacted with before is beyond words, and thus the song “chaar baj gaye lekin party abhi hai” kept doing the rounds, because the party in the mind never ended and is still going on… We also got mentioned as one of the top blogs run by women by Hemendra Saini (, and that added the spice to the already delicious moment.

At a slightly later date, we got nominated for the Leibster Award by Mickey Fernandez ( and Gowthama Rajavelu ( Leibster is an online award for new bloggers and we have been more than happy for being noticed.

Just when we thought the party was kind of coming to an end and the vampires had finally gone to bed, Tennyson Thomas ( nominated us once again for the Blogadda Awards. Well it is 4 a.m. already, but the owls are awake and the party continues…

Very recently, we were nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the pretty ladies Deeshani Batra ( and Sunaina Bhatia once again. And the final one – The Versatile Blogger Award, which came as a complete surprise with yet another recently befriended blogger – Rashmi Karthik (

It feels good to be nominated by such good writers and to know that they appreciate your writing. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to not only our fellow bloggers who have nominated us for various awards and bestowed so much appreciation and love on us, but also our readers who have constantly encouraged and supported Drishti in every way.

As for me, this post would be incomplete if I did not thank the one important person who literally pushed me into this amazing world of blogging by coaxing me to express myself through my writing, not just on facebook notes but on the web for the whole world to read. He is a veteran blogger himself and is known for his prolific and cutting edge writing. Not only did he introduce me into the world of writing, but knowing how fussy I was he made Drishti himself and gifted it to me. Am sure you have guessed by now, I am talking about my husband – Desh.

Here’s a heartfelt thank you to our readers and friends who have made the journey so far a memorable and extraordinary experience. Drishti is incomplete without you!



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