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Internet speed had been a big nuisance for me for years now. When 3G happened people went gaga over it and I was elated that the cell phone would now become a saviour instead of languishing and causing me more trouble than helping me with work. But as one has known already, the 3G speed was never as promised and it was clearly a let-down. Honestly with a slow connection, it doesn’t matter how high-flying your phone is because it will not be a useful device for you in anyway. But now, it looks like the days of woes are soon going to be over…


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Airtel launched 4G nationally today with a very impressive television commercial which seems to be making waves. It claims to be the fastest network one has ever experienced with a challenge of paying your bills for life if you find another network faster than Airtel. Now that is quite something! I was stunned seeing the commercial so immediately checked out their new website to find out if it was something that I should sign up for. The website takes you through all the offerings of the product and it sure looks amazing.

4G at 3G prices
4G at 3G prices

The best feature is the price point, which is the most important one for me; considering my high usage and the way I have been paying such high bills in the recent past, it ain’t even funny. At first even I thought it was a myth, but it is clearly stated on the website that one can experience the 4G service at the price of 3G. This is simply superb. A new, better and faster service for the price of the old one, so it isn’t expensive at all since I have been paying for the old service anyways. The only requirement is that one needs a 4G ready handset which I guess most smartphones are these days. Once you have a 4G phone, all you need is a the Airtel 4G SIM, which by the way gets delivered at home free of cost and a 3G data pack, and you are set. So what are you waiting for?


P.S. the new commercial is a must-watch!


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