Happy Birthday To The Wonderful Man I Call Husband


Indeed you have to be one lucky person to be married to someone who dons many hats and assumes myriad roles in your life. Having a companion and lover by your side is everyone’s aspiration, but when that person fills in for many other roles in your life which are much needed, it is a miracle and like a dream come true. Especially for a family person like me, who felt that marriage was a big heart-breaking event as it took you away from the very people who brought you into this world. So what happens when that multi-faceted person is none other than your husband? Wouldn’t you thank your lucky stars? I do, every day of my life! Sometimes, it feels like all these years I was waiting for him to cross my path and make me feel starry eyed like a teenager and go tizzy! Oh dear husband, what would I do without you… (why would I have to…!!)

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On this special day I am reminded of how Desh created our wedding website archanadesh.com himself and how every single word we wrote for each other brings a smile to my face. Each time I read it I know how fortunate I am to have such a marvellous man by my side.

So here’s my side of the story that is still on our wedding site:

The thought of getting married always brought about mixed emotions in me. The excitement of calling someone my own and belonging to someone seemed most special; and at the same time, the thought of leaving my parents, siblings, my house was too painful. When I met Desh, my perspective of a married life changed completely. ‎Here I found a man, who donned different hats at different times. He is as protective as papa, at times also addresses me as ‘puttarji’; makes the most awesome food like mumma… uff yummy!! The taste tingles my taste buds just right. Teases me ever so much, never let’s me feel that Monty and Sid aren’t around, and ofcourse ‎he’s so so helpful when I have to shop, giving the right advice at the right time… that he rarely allows me to miss Chiki. That’s when I thought – if this is what marriage means and this is what a husband is made of, “bring it on!!” 🙂 Desh – sirf naam hi kaafi hai 🙂 yep, that’s what intrigued me about him the most. Desh Deepak – what an amazing name. Oodles and oodles of attraction in his voice, so mesmerising! I heard it the first time and I fell flat (well, literally!)… his way of speaking made me feel I had heard this baritone voice before… I had surely met him before, in some life time… Jab we met – I figured that there was such a gentle heart, within this huge frame. His smile always makes me skip so many beats! I can’t help remembering our first date, I almost giggled like a silly college girl who had a crush on her professor. ‎Why professor? Oh! I could write a book on his intellect, his writing style, his vast knowledge about the most interesting and the most mundane topics on earth… the list is endless. The day he sat down on his knee and asked me if I would marry him, I almost had tears in my eyes, and was so shy!! The answer was obvious. In him I had found the most beautiful companion I would ever find. Someone who made me feel complete in all respects, a romantic lover, a doting friend, a compassionate partner… someone who allowed me to be myself! As I embark on this beautiful journey of togetherness with Desh, I can’t help but believe how lucky I have been to have found him. ‎My perfect humsafar, my best friend!

And here’s his side of the story:

Ironically, for a lady so beautiful and charming, my entry point to Archana’s world was her intellect. I was intrigued to find someone who had studied at INSEAD, my dream business school. Over the past year and more, I have found her to be an amazing companion who has ‘tamed’ a raging inferno and made him more useful. Her beauty and ways keep me charmed and her lively chirpy conversations keep me engaged the whole day. It is very easy for people to express their love, but very difficult for them to stand by you in the toughest of times. Once, during the lowest period of my life last year, Archana said, “Desh, I am with you through thick and thin”, and till date she has meant and lived all of it. One may find people who are good friends, people who fall in love with you, but very rarely are you serendipitous enough to find someone who can hold your hand through it all and yet love you like no one has. For a person who has lived his life in a very measured way, I finally found someone who was so full of life and would live every moment on her own terms and with style. Archana engages with everything and everyone with complete involvement. She has taught me the difference between living life and existing. In Archu, I have my best friend, guide, critic, mentor, my beloved and above all my trusted companion!

Happy birthday my love! Thank you for being by my side and making our world the best place to be in. My heart skips numerous beats when I see your million dollar smile and I crave to hear that deep voice every minute. It is the most comforting thought that your heart beats for me! Here’s a glimpse of how happy I look when I am with you 🙂






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