Are Good Looks The Foundation Of A Successful Marriage?




Now, there are hundreds of new items that pass by and go totally unnoticed and I don’t bother to ponder upon them; but this one surely made an indelible mark on me, however hilarious a news it may seem to everyone who may have read it. make-upI am talking about the crazy news of the Algerian man suing his ‘new’ (as published) wife for a whopping 13,000 pounds for fraud, trauma and suffering (quite a list, that!!!) after he saw her without make-up for the first time after the wedding night. Not only that, I believe he was ‘frightened’ on seeing her after she washed her face and the revelation was minus a few kilos of makeup! What irked me most is the sentence: “Ladies, please try and showcase yourself to your man naturally for once before talking about marriage. That way you’ll have assisted him in making up his mind about your beauty level and won’t feel scammed when you are not wearing make-up.”

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Isn’t this small ‘breaking news’ reflective of the society which we have grown up in?

For the life of me I can’t remember if I have ever heard anyone saying that he/ she is looking for a dusky spouse. The world is after the ‘fair’ lot; and is it any wonder why the fair and lovelys of the world (luring men and women alike) have made millions using this ‘emotional’ fact that has been doing the rounds across the globe for centuries. Since the aspiration for getting a good spouse is to be seen as ‘beautiful’ and ‘fair’, can’t blame the mind-set that loves adorning the face with tonnes of make-up to look gorgeous and more importantly ‘desirable’, so that some benevolent soul can feel the ‘ah, so pretty’ in his heart and grace you with ‘until death do us part’, can we?

To be honest I don’t really care who loves make-up and who doesn’t, even why people wear make-up and how glorious they feel when they do. What bothers me is that the value of a human being has been reduced to such low-slung levels, where the ‘being’ isn’t important but the physical nature of the ‘being’ takes precedence over everything. That beauty is of such central nature in any human mind, that the person behind the fair and made up skin is reduced to a ‘thing’ that can be discarded as soon as the mask is removed, creates an itch so strong somewhere in my heart that it is a place I cannot even reach to scratch and do away with the stinging sensation!

Physical looks apparently have been very important since time immemorial and many a great and successful relationships have been initiated by the physicality of the being rather than what value the being holds. I do not discard this fact! However, what I cannot fathom is how the entire relationship and the institution of marriage can come crumbling down if there is a slip from the god/ goddess-like looks.

For one, I know of a very dear friend who used to be slim and now has put on lots of weight, but she is yet as gorgeous as ever. Her husband is a very fit man and is someone who swears by the importance of a perfect physique and is often seen posting pictures of his topless macho self. The lady is ever so pressurised to ‘maintain’ herself and get back to her original slim looks, lest she slips from the position of ‘goddess’ from her husband’s perception. I have never understood this mind-set. May be I am not from Venus after all, and the planet that I hail from is yet to be discovered.

What are your thoughts about this?


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