Breakfast: Five Sentence Fiction



I walked out of my hotel room to the coffee shop, as sleepy and grumpy as ever; but since breakfast was an important deed to be accomplished I decided not to skip it.

The waiter asked me how I would like my eggs made and with an apathetic look I asked him how people usually got them prepared.

Pat came the reply, “Scrambled, sunny side up, over-easy, over-medium, over-well, poached, basted, soft-boiled, hard boiled, I think I’ve got all of them covered.”

Looking further befuddled I asked him if he could give me some examples of what all of that meant, after all they were just eggs and he just rattled off a rather protracted list!!

And… I was stunned into silence when he replied, “Why yes sire – scrambled is yellow and fluffy, sunny side up is the yellow lightly cooked and the white isn’t all the way cooked, over-easy is the white part all cooked where you can dip the toast in yellow and though there’s no goopy stuff the yellow is runny, over-medium is the white all cooked with the edges a little crisp and the yellow a little thick, over-well is when the whites are cooked and a little brown and the yellow is cooked all the way through and dry… err, would you like me to write that down for you for the next time you go out for breakfast?”

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