Chance Dinner Date With My Beloved




Planned dinners are good fun, but an unplanned dinner date with your husband, at an opulent eatery that serves sumptuous pizzas is true ecstasy!

Desh and I had to go to the Post Office to send some mail. While driving to the post office I saw the Avalon Mall which happens to be one heck of an ostentatious mall in our city, complete LA style! The rats and butterflies (of the shopping era, not the food types) started doing the rounds in my tummy and I coaxed him for us to drop by after we were done with our business. Since I can be very persuasive, he found it tough to say no and I was obviously reeling with thoughts of chichi shopping even while we were at the post office.

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Once done, we drove up to the mall. It was really nice to walk around the mall area and suddenly my heart skipped a beat when I saw GAP. It had been a long time since I shopped at GAP and I made the cutest face and asked Desh if we could check out some stuff. Could he ever say no? The deal had already been cracked, so we entered the place and I chose three super cool tops in the first forty five seconds. The good reason for that was they had some great deals going, but never mind; I will not bore you with the gory details of my shopping. Suffice to say that we ended up leaving the place with a huge shopping bag, a decent virtual hole in Desh’s credit card and achy feet and souls. That was our first stop and we were already exhausted with the one and a half hour of relentless choosing and trying (just for me, in case you got any other ideas!!).

We completed one quick round of the entire mall and realised that the rats weren’t just those that induced the shopping fever, but they made us hungry as well. We looked for a Starbucks to have some Chai Latte and our favourite Oatmeal and Raisin cookie (since I had already prepared dinner at home). But since there was none, we looked for other options and by chance landed up outside Antico Pizza Avalon. Pizza!!! Well, I like pizzas and once in twenty five blue moons my husband doesn’t mind them either. But today he must have been really very hungry since his eyes literally lit up when he read the word ‘pizza’. I wasn’t complaining and we entered the restaurant only to find it a cool place with some really cool people enjoying some delectable food. We liked the place from the word go!


Being vegetarians we have to ask what they can offer us and turns out that Pizza Margherita was the only safe option. Oh well! We didn’t want to waste time thinking because the rats were turning into mini terrorists and we had to provide ammunition at the earliest. We ordered our red pizza (yep, there was a white one too sans the tomato sauce) with peppers as the free extra topping. I love bell peppers and prefer it to the other toppings available here – like artichoke and eggplant. So, in anticipation of the hopefully ‘as amazing as the place, pizza’ we sat on the bar stools of an empty community table, gazing into each other’s eyes. Wow man, this was turning out to be a remarkable day. First – unexpected shopping, second – pizza, third – romantic place at that with my sweetheart… what more could I ask for?

The cherry on the cake was when the sweet looking boy interrupted our starry-eyed conversation and held a seemingly huge tray in his hand. Oomph! It looked luscious! That’s when I looked around a bit to see what kind of place we had really entered. Though we had liked it from the very beginning, it was after seeing the looks of the pizza that I wanted to savour the place as well. Hmm, an Italian joint ofcourse, from Naples! That was a rarity! The pizza looked good, smelt even better and tasted…. well, you got to taste it to know it, but for argument sake let me say – it was mind-blowing. On an honest note, I think it was the best pizza that Desh and I had ever had. And despite it being ‘huge’ (no exaggeration), we managed to gulp down every small bit. Oh, did I mention that the peppers were red chillies and not the bell peppers that I was expecting. But the chillies weren’t too hot and they transformed the tang dramatically. Not to forget the spicy olive oil that made the pizza taste divine.

The best part was that we kept eating and smiling, making small talk and realising that we were sweating, thanks to the spicy flavour of the food. But was an awesome meal it was, especially since it turned out to be a chance date where there was romance, good food and the love of your life right beside you! A beautiful evening spent – what more could we ask of life?




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