All the world’s a stage!



“I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us – don’t tell!”

Gone are those days when achieving fame was a daunting task. This is the age of – “Got talent? Show it off to the world and get the limelight you truly deserve”. Isn’t this true? In the past, the avenues of showcasing a creative bent of mind and aptitude were few and far between or perhaps at times practically non-existent. That, if you crossed the first barrier of hesitation of showing up in front of an audience to showcase your ability! I remember my days at school. The most happening events were inter-school and later inter-collegiate meets where you would earn praise and the fame that you truly deserved. But thank god for changing times and the good that technology has done for us. Becoming popular was never so easy, and with the advent of the #Fame mobile application, becoming famous and gaining success at a quickened pace has become achievable.

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#Fame is a first of its kind LIVE entertainment channel with 200,000+ subscribers and users. With Fame, you have an ace up your sleeve! The application allows you to go ‘live’ and ‘stream’ your talent to the world – sing, juggle, hack, dress up, make up, cook up, chat up, dance, party, sleep – do whatever you would like the world to see and gain popularity. All you have to do is simply talk about what you are writing/ doing/ going to cover and then just turn on your mobile and beam live from it. No studio setup required. Life with the Fame application is that simple! You can make new friends, connect with your fans, chat and become a celebrity in your own right. There is live interaction with people who are watching you, and that makes it that much more engaging. It’s a great opportunity to explore live video performances.


Go learn how to grab your share of limelight at the #famestar LIVE event in Delhi on 30th August. Fame has arranged the ‘learn and unlearn session’ in which the main feature is to show how live streaming is going to revolutionize the way the world looks at your talents. Eminent personalities like Ayaz Memon (noted cricket columnist) and Raja Sen (National Award winning director) will share their experiences and insights and the Fame team will share tips and tricks on how to make your live stream successful. The entire session will also be broadcasted live on the Fame application from 12 PM to 3 PM.

The world is now your stage and your audience too! What are you waiting for?


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