Happiness is Everywhere!




Life has an uncanny way of making you experience joy in so many ways. Like I never knew that the same flower plant could produce three different coloured flowers. Each time I look at it I am amazed and feel wonderful. Each morning when Desh and I water our plants, and see the flowers bloom and say good morning to us, it brings a large smile to our face. Those little flowers have the power of transforming my mood and making me feel delighted.

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When I moved to the US, my husband was very anxious. He knew that I was used to being around many people the whole time, and living in the US was nothing like being with and around family and friends always, be it home or office. I was teacher’s pet, father’s pet, boss’s pet! He kept preparing me in advance and many a times also told me that it would take me months to settle and feel at home and feel at ease with no one around me for most times. At times I wondered how that would be and whether I would be able to cope up. It made me sad, because I am not a person who embraces change very easily, especially when that change pertains to my family not being around me. It takes me a while. Thankfully I am ‘open’ to change though I know it may take me time to get fully adjusted to the new circumstances. But after I moved here, the feeling of sadness never really entered my mind, because I saw delight all around me. Since I speak to mum, dad and my siblings every day, the thought that I am far from them never occurs. By God’s grace I have a husband who takes care of all my little and big needs and that in itself is a reason to rejoice! When I miss my nieces I video-chat with them and seeing their beautiful faces gives me boundless joy.


This afternoon when I was sitting on the swing on my patio, talking to my brother, my sweet little dog Bella came and sat close to my feet and in a few minutes started licking my hand. Now that’s what I call experiencing multiple joys at the same time.2 A lovely afternoon, an affectionate brother to talk to and share beautiful moments with and a devoted pet who is ready to shower affection every time she can! Isn’t life benevolent? It got me thinking. Happiness is but a mind-set! It’s there if you can see it and want to see it. But if you close your mind, it disappears and runs far from you. Just at that moment, my neighbour’s dog appeared on his deck and started giving us those ‘oh, so cute’ glances. Oh my! How my heart melts on seeing that cute little thing! If that is not elation, what else is?


Joy for me is sitting on the patio on a beautiful day – be it sunny or grey; sipping wine or my much loved margarita – Lime-A-Rita and reading my favourite author. Ecstasy is figuring out a recipe from my mum or sis and cooking a lip-smacking meal for my husband and friends.  Bliss is looking at something and coming up with the idea of a creative post and jotting it down immediately. Delight is looking at the sky changing colours at sunset and capturing it on the Iphone. Contentment is thinking of taking a nap in the afternoon and brushing that thought aside because there is so much more joy to express!

Happiness is everywhere. You just need the eyes to behold it and the heart to feel it!


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