Set on fire, once again



Brevity is not an art that I am very skillful at and I love writing oodles and oodles of pages when I feel the need to write. Being a new entrant in the established blogging world, I very recently came across the ‘Flash Fiction’ and ‘Five Sentence Fiction’ genres. It seemed like a daunting task to write a story in a mere five sentences. I have tried my hand at it as you would have already read. And today, I came across the ‘Six Words Stories’ genre when I was reading my blogging buddy Prakash Hegade‘s blog. The task was to write a six word story for the theme ‘Passion.‘ Six words? I laughed and said “impossible” to myself… but after a couple of seconds, I thought, “The word impossible stands for ‘I’m possible’. People have long and loving conversations just with their eyes, without speaking a word; surely six words must be a large number.” So here’s my first attempt on the theme ‘Passion‘:

Eyes met, memories rebounded, love ignited! 

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