Pitter Patter Raindrops   




Remember that poem in school? ‘I hear thunder, I hear thunder…” It still keeps ringing in my ears whenever the monsoons arrive.

The moment it starts thundering loudly, lightning strikes in a series and the whole atmosphere gets transformed into that of complete bliss. Doesn’t that feel magnificent?  Just a few minutes back, I was relaxing on the swing on our deck after a sumptuous lunch this afternoon, when suddenly the grey clouds appeared from nowhere and swarmed the whole place. From a bright sunny morning, the climate turned dark and grey, but beautifully so. I thought the clouds were just posing a threat and would not start crying with delight. But, after a few minutes, the small droplets started smiling and falling on my face. The small droplets turned into bigger drops of water, and slowly and steadily the droplets turned into a deluge. The rain-gods are being absolutely benevolent once again and telling us how happy they are.

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The rains are one of the most amazing phenomena one can experience on this planet. Being born in the rains, maybe I am a bit biased, but I don’t think there is a single soul on this earth who doesn’t enjoy the aquatic cascade from the mighty heavens. Mother Earth rejoices and so do all of us. It is the harbinger of all things good and beautiful afterall; ofcourse only until the rain gods don’t start performing the ‘tandav’ and expressing anger in the form heavy uncontrollable torrents. But am sure, even that happens for a reason. But for now, I have decided to revel in the glory of the showers and the generosity of the rains gods. It is an ecstatic experience after all.

Two weeks back when we had the pleasure of non-stop volleys, my poor plants did become a bit aggrieved. The big tub that held the succulents and flower plants together was full of water and we had to pull them out and temporarily place them in separate pots in an attempt to rehabilitate and save them. But these are smaller worries and can be handled. The rains are yet very welcome, always and each time. Ofcourse, my poor Bella too gets terribly frightened and starts searching frantically for a protected haven which is either our closet or below Desh or my feet; making sure that she is touching us all the time in an attempt to feel safe despite the rambunctious showers falling away to glory! The rains gods aren’t aware of the trouble they are causing either to my plants or to little Bella, but then I am sure they know we are around to take care of anything that goes wrong, and they continue to laugh loudly and make merry. As for us, we are happy to welcome them each time they decide to pay us a visit, for the world would not be as splendid without them!

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