When was the last time you spotted a ‘jugs?’



Jugs aka ‘jugnu’ in Hindi! That’s how I address my magnificent tiny yellow-green coloured friends; also known to the mortal world by the name – ‘glow-worm!’ Heard of them am sure?! The wee little beings that glow through bioluminescence – big and difficult word, especially for the girl who wasn’t exactly very fond of science in school (I am referring to me ofcourse). So in layman terms bioluminescence stands for ‘production and emission of light by a living organism.’ Imagine a microscopic creature that brings light to the realm, even though for a nano-second! My heart does so many cartwheels the moment I spot my shimmering friends, because seeing them is such a treat to the eyes, heart and the soul. That such wonderful creatures still exist in this world itself is such a miracle.

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Desh and I were walking around hand in hand lazily around our housing community one evening, taking in the fresh air and enjoying nature’s bounty to the fullest; when I suddenly noticed a teensy-weensy spurt of light. I ignored it the first time. But then I repeatedly saw the light a few times and I jumped with joy because that’s when I realised I saw a ‘jugnu’. OMG! Aren’t they ‘mighty’ amazing? I was shrieking with delight because I saw a glow-worm after a few decades (ahem ahem – did I give away my age at all?!). The last time I saw one was perhaps when I was myself itsy-bitsy sized and I know how excited I used to be even then whenever I had the good fortune to see one. Somethings in life never change, some joys never cease to amaze you, some beings always bring you happiness and some lives always hold the same importance in your life, irrespective of their size. That’s what ‘jugnus’ do for me. They spread the light!

The mere thought that a worm so miniscule can glisten for a moment and make you skip a heartbeat itself is so powerful. It goes to show what each one of us can do and how much cheer each one of us can spread in this world. It is but a small proof of Almighty’s ways of showing how potent the human race is and can be – when such an infinitesimal creature can emanate so much power, what can a human being do? Oh, I am being so silly by saying this isn’t it? As if we all don’t know what us intelligent humans have already achieved. But I still see things a little differently. Nature is never destructive towards us, the way we have been towards nature and towards other beings too. If at all, nature has provided us with love, care, food and abundance of every sort; wish that we may return the same favour too!

To think of it, perhaps a glow-worm doesn’t even know the good deed it does and how much difference it makes to the people who merely experience it. Each time I see a glow-worm I revel in Mother Nature’s glory and feel exultant and thankful for the existence of such wonderful pleasures of life around me. And at the same time I sincerely hope to be a ‘jugnu’ who can spread light, cheer and love in this world, even if for a moment!

Do you think you can spot a ‘jugs’ in you?

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