The Impact of Twitter in the World of Influencing!



The world of blogging can sometimes be a very lonely one! You can be one of the best writers in the world, but if people do not notice your writing and read it, it can be a lonesome and a highly demotivating affair. Sigh! But, the real truth is that marketing goes hand in hand with writing and blogging. Gone are the days when you could afford to wait for the world to discover you and the power of your pen. You cannot influence people without being discovered. The space age demands that you showcase what you do and I think that is a good way to let the world unearth your talent!

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I was pretty lucky that very early on in my blogging career; I came across the Blogmint platform. It is not only a great place for connecting with like-minded people, but it also helped me with writing prompts (if I ever got stuck); at the same time also helping me become an influencer in the real world. One amazing thing that I loved about working with Blogmint was their insistence on sharing articles on social media. While I was always a social media fan, Facebook being my favourite medium; I wasn’t too much of a Twitter fan. To be honest in those early days, neither did I use Twitter so much, nor did I have a decent number of followers on it. So it wasn’t exactly a very motivating and encouraging platform for me. But slowly and steadily, once I started using twitter fully thanks to Blogmint, I realised the potential of this platform and believe you me, I was pleasantly taken aback!

Recently, Blogmint tried a new experiment with the Twitter platform. Instead of promoting concepts, brands and ideas through full-fledged blogposts and write-ups on various blogs, they launched only twitter based campaigns. One would tend to think whether this would throw up the desired results that real blogposts do. But to my surprise I realised that I had completely underestimated the power of the 140 characters. As per analytics, each tweet produced more than the desired results; as the reach was overwhelming. It has also got to do with the mind-set of people these days as well as their attention span. Usually, people scan for interesting news and information and if the 140 characters appeal to them, they tend to read through the complete information. No one wants to be clogged by too much data these days and quick short bullet points are a way of the modern world! It was an interesting revelation for me, and I have a lot more respect for Twitter now, as I also have for Blogmint.

If you haven’t tried Twitter yet, it’s time you do!

A special mention for Ainesh Bose and Dipika Mehta of the Blogmint team who have been a great support always!



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