What is life without laughter?



Many times when I think of it, I almost feel I grew up in a house where comedy was the norm. Well maybe norm is too strong a word, but it was surely a way of life. With my brother and I being the showstoppers always, life at home was a complete riot. Everyone would be stuck to their seats holding their bellies tight, totally enraptured by our do! We would mimic people and more often than not it would be our own relatives who would be our victims (without them knowing ofcourse). My sister was often the target and the butt of all our jokes, thanks to her cute idiosyncrasies. But in good time, we realised that the fun of impersonating people and making smart aleck statements and comments was when they were right in front of you and acknowledged and appreciated your wit and humour. So after that we stuck to people who were always around. I know this almost sounds like we were holding private Stand-Up Comedy shows at home, but trust me it was just like that. Everyone had a whale of a time. And that’s where my love for stand-up comedy started.

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I never missed going for a show of every good comedian who was performing in my city and have had the good luck to witness some amazing stand-up comedians across the globe. Performing in front of a live audience and making witty on the spot remarks about them and making them laugh too are no mean tasks. Stand-up comedy is a splendid art. Hats off to people who pull it off without hurting people whom they target! Their humorous stories, jokes and one-liners typically called a monologue, routine, or act have people at their wits end. At times I have felt that I would literally have a heart act and die laughing because of their foot-loose and fancy free dialogues. But those are stories of the past!

With all my work and travel, it’s difficult to keep up with the live shows. But the best part is that outside of live performance, stand-up is also distributed commercially via television, DVD and the internet. Since I am not a great fan of the idiot box, I usually miss the television shows. But thanks to technology and the internet at your finger-tips, you can’t really give an excuse for missing things that give you immense joy. Recently, I stumbled upon LiveInStyle – an amazing website which has an entire category on Stand-up Comedy. They feature some amazingly big names from the wonderful world of laughter. It’s side-splitting watching them perform and helps keep my spirits high especially during my solo travels on work. What is even more fascinating is that LiveInStyle is keeping the flag of stand-up comedy really high by promoting and encouraging the comedians. They have an amazing party section as well and all the party animals must check it out.

Cheers to laughter and happy times!




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