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These days I am pretty hooked to Google Analytics. Suddenly my entire blogging career seems to be revolving around the numbers, such that I look at the analytics page on Drishti atleast once every waking hour. In the beginning it was Desh who would read out the analytics page to me – just the numbers actually. Which post did how many views and which posts are the hot ones that seem to be doing well. When I learnt how to get onto the analytics page I started looking at it myself. The funny thing between Desh and me is the recurring morning question posed to the one who gets on to the computer first by the onelooker – “so how many views as of now?” And then the conversation moves to other important topics like the choice of fruits for the smoothie for breakfast.

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I think looking at numbers boosts my morale, gives me a nice ego massage and is generally a great feel good factor – also proving that our writing is being read. But you know, the human mind always wants more and just doesn’t stop at mere numbers. So what started as a number game initially, slowly and steadily turned into full-fledged analytics. I was keen on getting to know the entire analytics world as it is anyways a very happening topic right now. Everyone is talking analytics so I thought it would be fun to join the bandwagon. I started looking at the other elements apart from numbers and finally my eyes landed on a very important subtitle – ‘search engine terms’. This one is very intriguing and looking at search terms was a graduation of sorts in the analytics world; as this is what really drives traffic to the website (so say all the blogger gurus that I have befriended, including my best half!).

Just a few days back I was taken aback by a search term that I saw on our analytics page – ‘archana blue film 2015’. I was stunned and wondered why such a search term would ever lead anyone to Drishti. Clearly there was some issue somewhere. I was a wee bit embarrassed too and gathered the courage to tell Desh only after a few days. At first he laughed out loud and then said “what the heck, let’s see what the search throws up”. I was a bit skeptical and when he got to the bottom of it he laughed out louder. The search term led to my post Cinderella – The epitome of courage and kindness – my review, insight and learning from the movie Cinderella. On searching we realised why such an uncanny search term led the seeker to Drishti. Thanks to the mention of the famous blue gown that Cinderella wore to the Prince’s ball that night. So all in all, the internet put together the story of Archana writing about a film in which someone wore something blue in the year 2015. Amazing, isn’t it? And to think of it, perhaps I got a bit frightened as to why someone was searching me with such eerie words. Crazy stuff this World Wide Web is!

But just a couple of days back, another search term brought a smile to my face because it led the seeker to one of my favourite posts, infact one of the best that I ever wrote… something very close to my heart. The search term was – ‘archana letter with love’ (another rather mis-leading search term) leading to my post: My unsent letter – To Granpa with love. The latest one that is throwing Drishti as the number one website is ‘I miss you Ganpati’ leading to the write-up on our beloved Lord – O My Lord Ganesha, I Miss You.  It feels good when people punch in some curious search terms which are not even remotely related to you, and you and your work throw up as a result. Google Baba ki jai! What would we do without Mr. Google and the World Wide Web, though it does some hilarious and outlandish things at times.

This write-up would be incomplete if I did not mention that one search term which has had the viewing numbers of Drishti soaring and scaling heights that both Desh and I never dreamt of. Gumnami Baba – a topic which is so close to Desh’s heart, I almost feel he has an emotional connection with it. Being a Nationalist his heart bleeds at the fate of Netaji and with the files his files being declassified now – his analysis is worth reading. He has written about the disappearance of Netaji, his work, whether he was the person who was popularly known as Gumnami Baba and everything that most of us have never even heard. Here’s the list of his entire series:

  1. 5 reasons why Gumnami Baba or Bhagwanji was Netaji himself
  2. 5 reasons why Netaji survived aircrash and escaped to Russia
  3. Netaji v/s Nehru? Has Democracy delivered in India what Dictatorship has delivered in Asia?

I feel proud that when someone searches for Gumnani Baba, Drishti’s articles are number one on the Google page even above Times of India’s recent article. Being searched on the internet does feel good, afterall!


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