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Being a Mumbaikar, the rains have a special meaning in my life. Ofcourse, being born during monsoons undoubtedly adds the extra special affiliation towards the glorious raindrops. It’s only a matter of time when one gets used to the Mumbai rains and life thereon. It can get really tedious especially with all the commuting in the city with the traffic jams and the pathetic potholes all over. This is almost an annual issue. All roads seem to be under construction the whole time, the construction and repair work just about finishes when the rains are about to say hello; and guess what – the first rains pour water (well, literally) over the newly repaired roads and there you go – the potholes are back and so are the world famous traffic jams. I have been stuck on the road for upto four hours during the Monsoons in Mumbai. So much for love…

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The one thing that one doesn’t experience much during the Mumbai rains is the chilly weather though. If anyone in Mumbai makes the mistake of even the slightest mention of cold weather (whether during rains or the fake winters that we experience), the person becomes a mockery and is scorned by the Dilliwalas especially. Cold and Mumbai?! Somehow the two words just don’t go hand in hand, isn’t it? Oh… it seems like nostalgia has struck again, that too sitting here in my house in Atlanta… thanks to the never ending rains. Atleast they seem never ending to me right now.

It’s been raining constantly for almost a week now, and the rains have brought back pleasant and some not so pleasant memories of motherland. Pleasant, because that’s how the rains make one feel, don’t they? Unpleasant – thinking about the traffic jams, missed meetings, soiled shoes, and spoilt clothes. But the one thing new here is the chilly weather accompanied by the rains because of an oncoming hurricane. It’s no new news how much I have always detested the cold weather, much to the utter surprise of many people. Perhaps it has got something to do with being brought up in a tropical city with a wet and dry climate, but I have always preferred warmer climes to colder ones. But does life give you a choice?

Since I have no real choice now, this morning I decided to acclimatise myself to the cold weather. And what better way than a hot and sizzling cup of tea. Desh had already made a gallon of tea this morning, so all it needed was a bit of heating and voila, I was ready to explore the chilly winds from the comfort of my deck! I sat on my lovely carousel out on the deck amidst my plants; with the slight drizzle still on and the chill in full swing. As I took a few sips of the wonderful ginger cum cardamom cum masala tea, it just took a couple of minutes for my teeth to start chattering, or did I hear clattering. There were goose bumps all over my arms and the tea was much more refreshing than how it felt when I took the first sip. Little Bella decided to keep me company and sat there enjoying the cold drizzle (was that an oxymoron?) and giving me those “is it necessary to sit here like this” kind of looks. I braved it for a full ten minutes, gulped the last few sips quickly to atleast make my throat feel warm and ran inside, locking the deck door behind me, after Bella walked in too.

Oh, that was cold!!! Well the rains do have benefits of their own. Like, the plants don’t have to be watered, the patio gets cleaned effortlessly and I feel like I am in Mumbai. Ofcourse the biggest benefit is the acclimatisation before the big bad wolf (aka winter winds) hits town. As I ran inside, all I could think of was the heat. Without much ado, I quickly switched on the heat. Afterall, the house does need a heater to spread the much needed warmth, apart from the warmth exuded by the people who live here. 🙂

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