We make a life by what we give


We all have grown up hearing the phrase, ‘Charity begins at home’. Little did we think or ever dream that we could become ‘givers’ at the click of a mouse without really ‘giving’ anything at all, while partaking in the pleasures of our life, in the comfort of our homes and offices. It’s a mind blowing thought. Is it possible to give without really giving? Well, I believe the sky is the limit and I am reminded of a beautiful quote by Napolean Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe; it can achieve!” And looks like it has been conceived and executed beautifully; thus allowing us to donate to support over 500 causes while we shop online. Now, isn’t that amazing?

I came across this video and was totally floored by what I saw and heard. Someone in some remote location buys a pair of shoes from Amazon and thanks to that purchase a little boy’s education gets sponsored. A teenage girl buys her favourite jewellery from Flipkart and again, thanks to her purchase a menial worker gets vocational training; so on and so forth. All made possible by a wonderful name called – Gudville!

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Gudville is India’s first Impact Consumption network that connects Causes and Commerce, in short a brilliant idea transformed into a reality. One that makes us feel great about our normal day to day economic activities. Giving to others, especially the needy, has always improved our own sense of well-being and all it takes is Support Action on Gudville. You can support a Cause of your choice while you work and consume. Gudville empowers you to create an impact without donating your time or your money. People who do donate to charities already could argue why one needs to go this route. I would say, ‘why not?” Because if my online consumption helps me donate over and above the actual charities of money that I already do; doesn’t this double my support?! And in today’s world who hasn’t been hit by the online bug as yet? Food for thought!


While it does sound incredible, it truly is. Imagine the range of economic activities we do every day, resulting in a monetary donation for a charity that we care about at no extra cost to us. Not only that, also imagine being able to track and monitor this digitally with complete transparency, thus leading to complete satisfaction that this is a real support system which intends to not only make us aware of various social needs in the society, but also helps us fulfil them. All online purchases made through Gudville get you social impact awards and rewards which then get converted into charity towards the Cause that you choose to support.

Sitting in the US, I tend to make online purchases to buy birthday and anniversary gifts for my family back in India. The mere thought that while I am spending money on my family, I am collecting good wishes in return which are going to get converted into real time money and will help the needy back in my own country is very satisfying indeed. Statistics say that 80,000 Gudvillers have already managed to raise over INR 25 Lacs to support over 500 causes, through a system that is effortless and simple to use. That is a very heartening figure!

I have become a part of Gudville’s Social Action Network. Will you?

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