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The age when a seller had to spend time, money, energy and a whole host of resources to find the right buyer is passé. This is a powerful era where a seller can define his target audience and look for the right buyers, online. Such is the potential of the internet that the buyer, seller and the middleman who helps the two connect can all meet in the virtual world and go about their transactions just as they would do it offline, at a store. Life has become so simple that neither does distance hold any relevance in this new realm, nor does not meeting people in person pose any hindrance in any business transaction. The possibility of the virtual world is limitless.

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Whether it is about reaching the potential customer or the person who would be an aide to reaching the potential customer, our world has shrunk and everything is possible just with the click of a mouse. It is the virtual world that has made this a possibility. By connecting sellers, webmasters, bloggers and buyers on the same platform; we have managed to make the world more close knit than it ever was. In this world of interconnection, the importance of a strong marketing program is even more crucial, for that can define the success or failure of the business. The basic essentials of an online marketing solution are:

  1. A simple and easy to navigate website that would be able to give details a prospect is seeking
  2. Search Engine Optimization to ensure that it is easy for search engines to find the website and list it in their ‘organic’ results
  3. Relevant Social Media to improve online presence, generate additional revenue and build customer loyalty

While these are the essential elements, the role of Social Networking, Influencers and online platforms cannot be undermined in formulating a strong online marketing solution. Social Media – like Twitter and Facebook helps in keeping people connected, as well as reconnecting with people one has lost touch with. Social Networking is becoming increasingly important in business as the reach of Social Media is tremendous. As more and more people are on Social Networks, businesses are discovering that they provide a very powerful marketing platform without incurring much expense.

In the world of marketing peer recommendation and word of mouth is accepted as the most effective form of advertising. This effect is further amplified if the person talking about it has already established credibility around a certain subject matter. These credible people are called Influencers and they are an integral part of online marketing. Influencers produce content and curate and present it in a creative way, thus enabling the customer to gather information from a credible source. In the Social Media environment, these Influencers are often Bloggers with thousands of followers and that’s how their reach becomes multi-fold.

There are many online platforms which connect all sorts of people with each other – LinkedIn for example is a unique platform that connects professionals from every walk of life. It’s like living under the same roof and beginning to explore the unlimited possibilities that exist.  Similarly, there are specific platforms like – Klout, Kred, Traackr and BuzzSumo which bring the power of the virtual world under one roof. They help in connecting brands, e-commerce and start-ups, with Influencers – webmasters and bloggers; and serve as an
all-in-one, one-stop online marketing platform for Marketers and Influencers in a confidential manner, without the hassle of employing a big team and spending too much money and resources.

The virtual world binds people together in new and innovative ways. The elements mentioned above – Social Networking, Influencers and Online Platforms coupled with a strong web presence in the form of a good website, effective SEO marketing and relevant Social Media are a potent combination in making a powerful marketing strategy for the online world.

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