The secret to togetherness is ‘surprise’ and ‘heated discussions’ with the Mumbai cabbie



I was devouring the yummy burger sandwich that my husband made for me, dripping with ketchup… just the way I like it; when suddenly memories of how much fun we siblings used to have together back home while eating sandwiches, came flooding back. I decided to pay a surprise visit to my family in India. Once you are in a different country the only respite is the digital medium where you are either talking to them over a voice or a video call. Hence I decided to shun the digital world for once and made a plan to visit them in flesh and blood and rejoice in the comfort of togetherness.

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Tickets booked, bags packed and the whole drama well written; only enacting it was left and I was kicked about the whole thing unfolding soon with the element of surprise hitting them all. Finally I was on the plane! I offered a prayer when the big engines came to life, as I also felt one with the plane. My love for flying always gives me a unique sense of togetherness with flying objects. Being in the skies is a different high altogether. This was the first time I had planned a surprise visit and I had butterflies running helter skelter in my tummy. That the plane was on 30,000 feet too, was only helping the butterflies fly at a better pace. Once the plane landed, I walked out of the airport and went straight to my sister’s house. My sudden appearance at her doorstep startled her at first and then her face revealed the shock. It was a beautiful moment of togetherness.

The next day it was time to surprise my parents. We ventured out in the cab in the scorching heat of the city. The cab ride was fun because of the constant chatter of the kids. My sister and I had some lovely talks and it felt good to be back home, despite the heat and sweating away to glory. Our conversation went on from fashion, shopping, food to PM Modi’s recent visit to the US. At the mere mention of Modi, the cabbie decided to jump into the conversation. I was pleasantly surprised, but was elated at how well read he was. Ofcourse his diction gave away the fact that he was from my home-town state and that only helped our conversation further. We started enjoying the conversation thoroughly.

Suddenly the discussion went from mere questions about Modi’s visit to the US, to the current rate of inflation in the country and how it was becoming impossible for the common man to survive. All this because I made the mistake of mentioning that I was a big fan of the PM. These days expressing any affinity towards someone adds the task of defending that person in public too. So there, the hour and a half long journey went into discussing how it is essential to have faith in the current government and how the erstwhile government led the country towards irreparable doom which would take considerable amount of time, money and effort to be cleaned up. The discussions also roped in Netaji and the truth about him that is coming to light thanks to the declassification of files; as well as the murder or death of Lal Bahadur Shastri. I don’t know how many people feel this way, but I have felt a sense of belonging and togetherness with people from my home town and conversations with them can be highly fulfilling and satisfying.

Finally when I made it home and made an epic appearance on the front door, no one could believe their eyes. Everyone hugged me and those warm loving hugs became the ever-lasting symbol of togetherness for me. Moments of bliss that I will cherish for life.

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