The Sprouting Shrek and I



Childhood they say is the best time of everyone’s life. Sometimes I wonder why each one of us has to grow up. Those innocent days were so much fun when we could speak anything, eat anything, do anything and not be reprimanded for it. For me too, it was the best time of my life. Days which I never wanted should end. I reflected many times on this extremely important subject matter; and finally I came up with a brilliant answer. Why does childhood need to ever end? Isn’t there a child in each one of us always ready to take off at the slightest hint and enjoy those sublime and beautiful times once again?!  In fact I’ve always felt that it is crucial that each one lets the child in himself live and prosper. What’s the point of being uptight about things and miss out on enjoying the little things of life. And so, I’ve never let the child in me wander away and go far.

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I still enjoy doing things that I did as a kid and one of those wonderful things which I still do is go to theme parks and have a great time. I remember my trip to Hollywood and Universal Studios there. While I met many a wonderful and popular characters there, the one man who left an impression for life was the kind hearted loner, the large green ogre with ears that look like antennae and a donkey for a friend – the Delightful Shrek. The shy guy was so jolly that my heart went out to him and I wanted to hug him that very moment.

I distinctly remember how I wanted a picture with him and coyly (ya, I can be shy sometimes) went up to him (after gathering a lot of courage) and requested him to be in the same frame as me. And boy! Did he oblige! I wanted to roll on the floor and laugh out loud because of the happiness that emanated from my complete being just because I got a picture clicked with the sweet Shrek. Though I looked extremely tiny in front of the large man, I visualised that I would look like his cute little princess and was only too happy to be in the same frame getting a big bear hug. Now, how often does one get so lucky would be an appropriate question to ask, isn’t it? That was an incredible day and I would be ready to re-live it any time, any day.

That day I would have loved to roam around the entire park hand in hand with Shrek and feel like a princess for one day. It’s not that I don’t feel like one in real life, but that day it would have been like living a real-life fantasy, and what better way to feel like a child yet again?

And here’s the famous picture 🙂

shrek and i

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