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I love special days because not only do they mean a lot but they also give us an opportunity to celebrate and come closer to kith and kin and friends too. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, celebrations are incomplete without gifts. I have loved giving gifts to people since childhood. I still remember how I would save my pocket money to buy surprise gifts for my parents, siblings and a few school friends back then. It was a gesture that overwhelmed everybody. It’s only much later that I realised why I was so fond of giving gifts. I loved getting them myself. Simple!!

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It’s awfully easy to select gifts for the fairer sex. There is definitely something that all women are crazy about and it is just a matter of knowing what the person likes. Even if you don’t know the lady well personally it ain’t a difficult task as there are so many options available when it comes to gifting for women. In fact there is this whole industry which thrives and survives thanks to women. Isn’t it true? Hence it was never difficult for me to buy presents even as a kid, for the female population in my family. It was the male population that always posed a problem. What do you gift them after all? The choice and the options are so limited.

This one time, on my father’s birthday I completely ran out of gift ideas. I think there was practically nothing that I didn’t buy for dad in the previous years for his birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Though dad isn’t a very choosy and fussy kind of person, I had my own fusses when it came to buying him a gift. People of his generation don’t exactly appreciate their kids ‘wasting’ money and buying them gifts. So while the gift could be a very expensive one, the criteria always would be that it should not look very expensive. What a difficult situation to be in.

Finally, I zeroed in upon a great idea!! Scotch! I decided I was going to gift my father a bottle of his favourite scotch. Though he is not too much of a drinker, he does enjoy a drink or two once in a few months. There you go! That seemed like the perfect idea as he would not exactly venture out on his own and get himself his favourite scotch. He really appreciated it when we gave him his gift on his birthday and from that day onwards I have been more than convinced that gifting scotch is a great option for men, especially because there aren’t too many options anyways.

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